Monday, May 01, 2006

Chicago Tribune should suggest we KNIT these

Sunday's Trib was read today over a fine cup of coffee. New Mexico blend (I can only find it at Trader Joe's these days) I thought the tea cozies were pretty cute. They suggest you buy them. HA! What fun is that? I need to knit one; I'm not sure about the pom, however.

I have some crochet finishing to begin tonight on Al's pretty fairytale sweater. So:

The kind of crazy but harmless mother, put her tired Hungarian legs up in the recliner, turned on a Cub game, and worked happily under the soft light of the lamp with the hole burnt into the shade. The Mother was shortly joined in the recliner by the plump and purring Rozalyn kitty. Huck, the faithful velcro dog, circled once and settled down next to them, sighing a deep a peaceful breath.

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Katherine said...

The tea cozies need some beads to make them snazzy. And, you're right, no pom.

Ah, what a life! Feet up, soft light, knitting, furry friends, and the CUBS. It doesn't get any better.

Marcia said...

Love the cozies....and the purse! Sorry about the birdies. Mother Nature isn't always nice. We thought the birds were safe after our cat passed on, but "Henry" comes to visit from across the street.....

Lynne said...

HI Kathy...I knit a great tea cozy from was such a cool pattern. ALso, what pattern did Al use for her shawL?

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