Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Guest guitarists

Today's guestblog guitarists are Rich and Zachary. Rich has been teaching Zach guitar for over a year. What a gift this whole gig has been, if I as the mom may say so. There is beautiful barouqe music in our home at times. Zach is currently learning a Welsh lullaby written over 400 years ago.

The Knitpicks sock yarn is between them, listening with delight. It wants to be my next project to go on the needles. I need some spring colors right now. The yarn is baby doll, I believe. Has anyone knitted it up yet? I'll be interested to see how it comes to life.

My sleeveless shell is coming along ..........
I showed it to my good friend Madelon today; she immediately pointed out a very blockable flaw. Madelon is a precision knitter. Alas, I am not. Wait until I show you the work she has done lately. HER guitarist son plays in a band in Arizona; I took a picture for the blog of a hat she made for him. I'll post it soon. Back to the shell with the flaw.....

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JulieLoves2Knit said...

I've used the Knit Picks sock yarn for some mittens I'm working on - have frogged them way to much and the yarn still is holding up fine. I started with size 0 needles and finally settled on 3's. I'm doing stranded color - so it's tighter - but 3's seem to be working fine. I'm planning on another Knit Pick purchase soon - hope I like it as well!!

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