Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Premie knit tips and Grand Canyon bound

Al can wear her cap sleeve sweater vest in Arizona next week. She'll probably need her Chicago winter jacket while at the Grand Canyon, don't you think? She can wear her cute cap sleeve to the Cub opener in Mesa I hope. Ahhhh baseball and green grass, I'll be happy just thinking of them while listening to Ron and Pat do a little preseason play by play here at home. (Ron Santo/ Pat Hughes for those unfamiliar to the Cubbie routine)

Jennifer at MajorKnitter asked me to explain some premie things to anyone who likes to knit for Neonatal patients.
1. If the baby who needs a hat is considerably premature the hat should not have any ties or snuggness at the brim. The sides of the head are generally flattened; the head does not develop the shape it would have if the baby stayed in mom in a fluid filled womb. Avoid tall hats. Rounder caps work much better.
2. Use washable fibers. Most hospitals wash your gift before it is used. It will go through a regular washer and dryer.
3. A few duplicates are fun if the baby is a multiple. Its nice to have twins or triplets, even quads, with matching hats. Then again, they are individuals and non-matching hats are welcome too!
4. Little blankets are always great. They add a personal touch to an otherwise institutional look. Don't be afraid to use bright colors. Baby blue, green, yellow and pink are everywhere. It keeps the nurses entertained when someone makes a lovely purple or non-traditional baby colored blanket.
5. Remember that full-term babies always make up part of a neonatal unit. The big babies need the special touch a handmade knit can bring. There is something especially difficult about having a big baby in need of intensive care.
6. Booties aren't as useful. They are easily lost in the blankets and lost in the laundry for good.

That's my tips Jen. Hope they help. We are always delighted when quilts, blankets and hats are donated to our patients.


Karen said...

What great information for premie knits. Sounds like you are a nurse or doctor? Thanks for the great tips.

Alyssa said...

Hi Kathy,
Al's top is adorable! Love the colors. Thanks for the tips on preemie knitting. I may just have to whip out a couple little things for you to take to the hospital:)
Missed you at GROUP last night. (In March we will go back to our regular 2nd and 4th Tuesday schedule.)

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