Thursday, February 09, 2006

8 Wonderful years

It's my dog's 8th birthday. Happy Birthday Huck. We are so incredibly lucky to call him our dog. Here he is enjoying his new bunny. It small and soft, the way he likes them. It squeaks and is easy to carry around. We'll be getting him an icecream cone later today.

In none Huck birthday news, I found a little blog I like: There's some cute photos on that blog!

Lynn and I met today and she showed me her socks that rock yarn. It was really a beautiful colorway of blues and aquas. She had to go to Marengo to get them, but it was worth it, I'd say. Road trip!


Pat K said...

Happy Birthday Huck. Big Cat and I send best wishes for many more. (Little Cat is playing secret agent the last couple days and won't come out to wish you happy birthday, too.)

How is the Agony of Defeat medal coming along?

may said...

Huck is sooo cute! :D Everytime bloggers post pics of their babies I wish I wasn't such a crazy art school student with zero time for a dog :(

But I'll graduate eventually :D

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