Saturday, October 08, 2005


Knit One Purl Too little shawl. (I call it Shaw-lette)

This is a definite for Holiday gifts. Under 20.00 and it would never tell. The frugal Hungarian with the Irisheyes will be happy to knit shawlettes and delighted to give them as beautiful gifts.

Al and I went apple picking last week. We carefully chose an orchid that would lead us past Artistic Fibers in Burlington Wisc. I found a Sirdar denim bulky (Ultra- cotton and wool) that should knit up fast for my Colorado sister's fingerless gloves. She got married in her blue jeans, neatest wedding I've ever attended.

My husband promises to bake us an apple pie today. I am using a Honeybaked ham bone to make confetti bean soup for us today. I love the change of seasons and the meals we lean towards when they change. What do you like to eat/cook/bake when the season changes to Fall? Do your fiber choices get woolier with the seasons getting colder?And does your chewing gum lose its flavor on the bedpost overnight?


LynnW said...

I love the shawlette! The fringe turned out great. As for fall cooking----last Thursday, when the weather turned cooler, I made a turkey for dinner and baked 2 batches of chocolate chip cookies. And I'm knitting up a quick alpaca hat for Becky to wear to the marching band contest tomorrow night.

Anonymous said...

I ADORE the shawlette! Details, please? Is an extreme amateur capable of creating something so chique??

Jodi Clair

p.s. I have a very easy baby hat pattern if you're still looking...

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