Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Al's finished Lucky sweater

This is not the best photo of Lucky. The best photo of Lucky would be Al wearing it. She won't. She thinks it is too big for her. Argh. She worked so hard on Lucky.

To my knit pals at GWOUP: For those of you unfamiliar, our knit group meets at our local Borders in Wilmette tonight. Our name is GROUP. We are working on the words that make the acronym. Mine are: Generally WOund UP People. I prefer Gwoup. Anyhow, if Deborah brings stitch markers and I cannot swing by after work, I want the one everyone thinks is the nicest. Okay? I have dibs on this. IF you are too young to know what a dib is, it means I called it, Okay?

Hope I can get there before you all depart at 8pm. I'm working until 730....


Alyssa said...

Hope to see you there! (and I think GWOUP is funny:)

Donna Boucher said...

What a beautiful sweater! Such excellent knitting!


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