Sunday, July 24, 2005

Knitting in the Northwoods

How to have a wonderful vacation:

1. Purchase yarn before leaving home, so as to start vacation knitting euphoria.

2. Vacation Up North near Bobby's Wool'n Things studio in Boulder Junction, WI.

3. Purchase seamless sweater book from Bobby, and begin skimming book.

4. Ask Bobby for closest fudge vendor.

5. Let Bobby talk you into trying, Bryspun bry-flex circular needles. Fall in love
a needle. Ergonomically correct.

6. Find local knitters new winter hat double-rolled brim pattern. (Eagle River shop owners pattern)

7. Hem and haw during second trip to studio, deciding between luscious Mountain Colors Pheasant and others.

8. Encourage Al to shop sale yarn in Brown Sheep wool creamy white fudge color, to start her cabled seamless sweater.

9. Go to dock, where Loon is statuesque and magnificent.

10. Open fudge, begin knitting. .......

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