Monday, July 25, 2005

Biggest Knitting Mistake Ever

Because I'm Knitting As Fast as I Can blog has asked for our biggest blunders I will tell you this story.......

Once Upon a time
in the land of growing up, a young mother promised her only son a beautiful handknit gansey sweater to wear for the Christmas picture. She would make him this sweater because her little boy asked his Mom to knit something just for him.

But the young mother was impatient and not wealthy. She couldnt afford the knitting classes down the street at the lovely yarn shop. So she bought a pattern that the evil shop owner told her was "EASY" . The young mother was very bright but not good at puzzles, or math or geometry. So she cast on happily without making a gauge swatch.

Many days passed with the mother sheepishly trying to catch the evil shop owner's attention for pattern clarification. The shop owner talked in turse snippets, "well you know how to CABLE dont you?", and "You have to adjust the pattern, you know, if every word was spelled out they wouldn't be patterns they would be BOOKS!"

So the mother pressed on making what sense she could of the yarn and the pattern. After many tears and nearly biting a hole in her lip, the mother finished the little boys sweater. To her great surprise only fit his big sister.......

So the young mother hurridly made a second sweater, this time with less tears than the first, and the little boy had his very own sweater to wear with his sister.

Now the mother is older and can afford some knitting classes. She takes them at a warm and cozy shop from warm and cozy women who always take time to help young and old knitters,and new and seasoned knitters. \The little boy has grown into a young man with many beautiful scarves and hats and sweaters, and maybe even a guitar strap.

The moral of the story is: Never give the evil shop owner your hard earned pennies again and learn to make gauge.


kimberly said...

Love your story! I've learned my lesson with guage as well.

Chicago Jen said...

Yeah, not too crazy about those evil yarn shop owners myself.... I don't give them my pennies unless I'mreally in a pinch and the lovely warm and cozy ladies don't carry what I need RIGHT NOW!

Jen in Chicago ;)

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