Friday, May 06, 2005

Pattern Policies

Below is the darling baby bonnet Al is going to knit for her new cousin. ( Babygirl number 4 for my sister Patti Ann. ) She's using baby pink and blue Lorna
s Lace mix.

The price on the STORE COPY was 4.00. It was the only one left. I was charged 1.50 for the pattern to be copied. Fine. Then I was told I had to buy yarn from that store, or the copy could not be mine.

Policies are policies, I know. So I found some sock yarn and went on my way.

My favorite LYS, the one my daughter works for, does not require any of this. She has a great business. If you want some yarn, you buy it. If you want a pattern, you buy it. If you want to take a class you take it. No mandatory requirements that you purchase anything other than the class. In this day and age of on-line yarn access, I would think more stores would conduct their business like 3 Bags Full, my favorite yarn shop.

Unfortunately the Policy Police shop is only a block from my back that's the Baby Bonnet Lesson. If you must have the baby bonnet pattern on that day, from that store, be prepared to buy some sock yarn.

What are your LYS policies? How do you feel about them?


Kathleen in Germany said...

To quote the Irishman: Bollocks to that! I'm lucky that my crap German slows down enough LYS owners that they're mostly amused at my visit and forget about policies.
Try an accent next time LOL

Irisheyes Lynn said...

But the bonnet is cute! I wonder how legal it is for the shop to sell a photocopied pattern.

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