Friday, May 13, 2005

The green vase that came with the roses for Mothers Day is so neat. I love it. The ghiradelli chocolates that came with the roses are a dream come true. Long story; flowers lost somewhere for Mothers Day. They came tuesday and I love them and the effort. A thoughts for the weekend: 1) Lynn finished my seams. She will be richly rewarded. I know this is cheating, but its better than a UFO causing me distress. Now the buttons and collar..... 2) Closest YS, NOT favorite LYS made some predictions I overheard whilst shopping the dollar pattern sale made up mostly of 1980's patterns: Fall Colors are copper, black and brown... Class Instructor for the Stitches event we Irisheyesknitters have already signed up for is not a favorite at all of the yarn shop owner. Since her taste and manner leave much to be desired, I don't think we should worry about this. Lastly she says, the yarn shop bust is over as it was 18 years ago, according to this pessimistic woman. She says the yarn distributors are getting greedy and will soon outprice the newest knitters. Let's hope she's wrong and just felt opinionated, again, that day. Happy Weekend. Im predicting great knitting for all!  Posted by Hello

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Alyssa said...

Hi, I'm a lurker! Just wanted to say "Hello" -- Saw you all will be at stitches -- what class are you in? I'm taking a few (design your dream sweater, learn to knit cables, and sweater finishing). Have a great day!

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