Monday, January 24, 2005

A realization re: my fellow bloggers in cyberspace

Good Snowy Morning,

As I always say, its great knitting weather today. I allowed myself to post, but will not allow myself to pick up the needles until I walk the Golden in my life for at least 45 minutes. Brrrrrrrr. Must wear Alpaca hat and scarf.

As I enjoy reading others blogs this morning, I realize that most bloggers are not in their 40's. They are younger and much more computer savvy. Could this be why I am still struggling so with the basics of this very fun pasttime? I remind myself:

I had the joy of growing up with telephone that hung on our kitchen wall. Friends marveled at it. It didn't have to sit on a counter.

I also had the pleasure of being on Bozo's Circus. IN REAL TIME.

Shorthand was part of our curriculum. A step above mastering typing skills. You get the picture.

My generation (Oh my I just used that term!) was blessed with NEW MATH, that boggled our parents minds.

I watched Johnny Carson but didn't get the humor of it. It just didn't seem that funny to me. C'mon there wasn't anything else ON the 4 channel options at 1030 at night.

So bear with me as I continue to make our blog as hip as all the others. For now, its knitting photos and text. I don't do buttons and blogrings because they are beyond me. Lynn is hoping I will make some technical strides so I can post photos on my own again, but the truth is I'd rather be knitting, and reading your very wonderful cyberliterate blogs.

Mason Dixon knitting gave me wonderful tips on improving my blog etc, and they are an inspiration to me both knitwise and blogwise. Thanks, I'm going to work on it.

Now I will try to post a link: this will be a technilogical milestone for me. I may have to celebrate riotously if I succeed. Here goes:

. Oh my it doesn't look right. But give it a try. Mosaic Yarn Studio in DesPlaines Ill has a nice website now that has some lovely free patterns started. Okay I'm going to try the link thing again in another place on the post. This more than one way to skin a cat business about computers makes me nuts. Can'there just be one way?

Posting photos with Lynn's help:

Beautiful purple uggs by Al. Can spring be far behind? I ask you?

I've learned that you can post anonymously without getting a password etc. So just tell us who you are in the anonymous post. I yearn for comments. IF I could make it easier to get them, I would, but now you know: I can't yet!



Irisheyes Lynn said...

Well, I was never on Bozo, but I watched it every day at lunchtime. I was, however, a victim of new math. My dad was a math wizard and had taught me long division long before I got in school. When Sister Anne tried to teach me long division new-math-style, I couldn't get it. She finally gave up and let me do it the old way.

Kathleen in Germany said...

Your post cracked me up. It makes me feel better after I spent an entire Saturday fiddling with my blog and nearly crashing it twice before I was able to get the link and button thing down. I'm under 30 and it took me ages :)
Thank goodness for Hello! or I don't think I'd have ever gotten the picture thing going...
I remember Bozo, too :) And Captain Kangaroo!
Nice Blog!

Anonymous said...

I adore your site and you humor!

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