Friday, January 28, 2005

A poorly punctuated but pretty passable post

I'm here and glad of it. I had my long awaited first ice fishing experience on wednesday. Yes, that is me in the lifevest with the auger. It defies logic, I know but I felt this maternal and personal preservation desire to bring it along....
and wear it.

I'll have you know, I was warmer than those who wore the fashionable ski parkas. I had my newly knit alpaca scarf and hat and wore them wisely.

I cannot decide if I can share the digital details. While this blog is dedicated to knitting and all, the photo of my new alpaca scarf worn babushka style over new alpaca hat could be fodder for criticism in the eyes of the unkind. Odds are I'll post it, with Lynn's help. I've yet to meet an unkind knitter, and I don't want to start limiting myself now. You'll get a chuckle out of it and it will remind you of my very Hungarian side.

When our host, John, was teaching me to bring up the bait he urged me to watch the line and don't let it tangle. I laughed. "I'm a knitter John, tangles are the enemy." His line was in good hands. So were the fish. I can report that I didnt catch one.

What a lovely way to pass the day. Four of us within four vinyl walls which miraculously and effectively blocked the wicked wind, waiting for a fish to bite. The ice was about 12 inches thick. There was a truck on the ice a football field or so away from us. I kept my life vest on. What did I keep thinking?
I kept thinking, how fun could this be with some knitters and some beverages?????

The hot tub afterwards was lovely. I did knit a cable for practice in the car on they way up. (Yes Yes My husband was driving.......don't be silly.)

New WIP to report: Another Knitting Pure and Simple sweater. I intend to put a cable down the front. Using multicolored ONLINE synthetic yarn. Will post progress soon.

WIsh me luck. I entered the MajorKnitter naming contest for her Saturday Morning Knitting Bee. Contest closes Jan . 31st.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy!

I just wanted to say a quick hello! I am about to cast on for your socks and I am so excited! I love the pattern I chose, and I hope you will too!

Happy Knitting,
Your Super Secret Sock Pal

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