Monday, January 03, 2005

Happy Feet

We celebrated Christmas with my brothers and their families on New Year's Eve this year because of trip to Disney World. Thank goodness we did, because it gave me an extra week to finish all the gift socks. My nieces were all excited to get socks, even the 2 little ones. Their mom told me that whenever they get cold they put on the socks I knit for their birthdays 2 years ago. It's always nice to know that our hand-knit gifts are appreciated, isn't it?

Now that I am done with gift knitting, I'm trying to decide what to knit next. Suddenly, it seems like I have lots of yarn waiting to be knit up. I'm almost done with the back of the Peace Fleece cardigan. Then I have some pretty Debbie Bliss alpaca silk that is trying to decide what it wants to be. Then there is some elann wool that will become the Ribby Cardi . But, guess what I have an urge to cast on today? Socks! You would think after all my whining about the Christmas sock knitting that socks would be the furthest things from my mind. But they're calling to me.....will I be able to resist?

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Kathy said...


First of all, my favorite socks are the ones the little cutie with the silky santa outfit is wearing. Great colors. I am so glad you WANT to knit socks now. Time for ultimate January knitting.....aka No pressure knitting.

Second the Ribby is so cute! I had No idea you'd be able to put in zippers for me. How wonderful.

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