Saturday, January 15, 2005

Cha Cha Cha

I have to follow-up on my yarn snob post of last week. Let me start by saying that the Cha Cha yarn was infinitely better behaved than the higher end yarn I used for my neices Christmas scarf.

When Lynn posts the photo for me, I'll call this scarf Cinderella.....she is beautiful despite her humble beginnings at the......hobby store, and she didn't tangle once.

This is ideal knitting weather. I'm cold and working with Alpaca......
I am making up a hat ( I hesistate to say designing......why is that?) knit from the Top Down . After I finished the crown I threw in a Stockinette Ridge. Maybe I'll make the scarf in the same Pattern.

I will be knitting and watching the Eukanuba Dog Show tonight LIVE. Huck, my golden will be right next to me and Zach, my boy of 14, will not! Zach will , no doubt, come by from time and time and say, "Look Mom, that guy has 2 left feet." I hope they show a segment from the dancing dogs.......cha cha for now.

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