Sunday, December 05, 2004

Knitting Overtime and loving it!

My sister Deb, invited us to go to the Museum of Science and Industry last night as her guests. The Title company was throwing their annual Christmas party. I nearly declined, citing a need to keep knitting for the holidays excuse, (very true) but she invited me to bring it along .

Enjoy the photos I took for our blog! While the night before I knitted between acts at the Keith Urban concert, (AL did too of course), Al talked me out of taking the camera for a blog photo then, nothing would stop me last night!

I knitted during the IMAX FORCES OF NATURE movie. Wow, a weather nuts dream. Must check for any dropped stitiches this morning! I noticed I was knitting tighter than usual......

I joined the MEbius ring sponsered by Stasia's Place of Grace blog, thanks Jan for the tip. I'm thinking socks.......I know, I know, but they comfort me.

I, I, I, many I's are in this post?

My Irish sister Deb's triangular scarf is coming along nicely. If I had to do it over again, I might have doubled the strands of Rowan merino. I think the creme color is perfect for her. Al keeps commenting "It's sooo auntie Deb" I think so too!

Check out the little book we found at the Museum gift shop........
and equal time you'll note was spent knitting beneath Hungary and Ireland. :) Have a great December day.

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