Monday, December 13, 2004

Knitting in Public

Now that you can nurse your children in any public place in the State of Illinois, thanks to our Govenor, or his wife I suspect, I am feeling pretty good about my chances of knitting anywhere too.

My problem isn't so much that I mind knitting anywhere, but some family members seem to be shy about being seen with me knitting anywhere. The Hungarian attitude is pretty much....just try to stop me. Thankfully Al seems to have this gene of mine.

Zach was embarrassed but resigned when I knitted at Champs with him during baseball season. The waiter made some comments that embarassed himself I thought. Zach thought otherwise.

But, now that there are 12 days left to Christmas, ....well, just try and stop me. I'm the one Knitting in line at the post office, (not really, but its a nice image eh?) knitting at the the Museum, and soon to be knitting on any work break I am able to catch. The best part? I love the holidays as an excuse to knit so much!

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