Every Once in a While I Might Post

 Is that vague enough for you?  It has been a too busy complicated Spring.  I had no energy to blog.  All is well now, so I can share some things with you:  

1. When I shoot photos of the moon I think of Dear Teresa.  Gone too soon. She took fabulous moon pictures. 

2. I did not see one shooting star last night.  I only got up for a few moments around 3 a.m.  The local weather guy said he saw a few quick faint ones.  

3. How can I can have one grown child in Oklahoma under flood watch, and One Child in Mexico under hurricane watch?  On the same day.  Tis true. 

4. What have I knitted lately?  I am pretty sure I've ripped more than I've knit.  I ripped out a shawl that I was making up.  It was cotton and pretty.  I need to follow a pattern. 

5. I was trying to make socks and decided to make mittens instead.  I haven't worked a thumb in a long time.  I may have to frog it too.  So I have been knitting, but not making things. 

6. MY gardens are growing.  I have 3 main areas I keep weeded and watered.  I have 2 areas that just have to be cut down.  In the other 3 areas I am apt to burn the weeds to kills them. It works.

7. All my succulants and cactus are upstairs on the hot porch.  I learned a lot from last years fails with flowers up there. 

8. We have chickadees nesting in a bird box that sways on the Willow Branch.  We have had so much wind, whatever lil birdies are in there , they are getting their heads bumped around I'm sure. 

9. Al is working on 3 sweaters.  And she finished a pretty baby blanket. I sent the baby one of my bunnies that I made around Easter. 

10. I love my porch.  I love it all day long.  As soon as errands are done, I'm on the porch. I wait all year for this. 

11. Humminbirds are busy and kind of mean to each other.  I love  watching them. 

12. We are still not filling the bird feeders due to bird virus.  But I think the quieter yard is why the chickadees nested here and stayed this year . 

13. A bird was stuck in our garage.  THrowing itself at the only window.  FIreman got him outside. I think he was fine. 

14.  The campground opened this weekend in town. I love to drive through the campground and see the fun going on. But I dont want to camp. 

15. My neighbor of 6 years and I have finally begun to chat a bit.  She got a puppy.  A knig charles cavalier.  That started out the chats.  She's invited me to take her young rhubarb if I'd like some. 

16. We went to OKC in May for Fireman's birthday and Mothers Day.  Al is a budding gardener. 

17. I'd like to think Fireman's last appointmnent today for labs and for the dermatologist are going to be it for the summer for us. Fingers crossed.  

18. I've been reading your blogs. I just haven't had time to respond.  But I enjoy them .  

19. Still looking for a volunteer opportunity.  The cats shelters are begging for volunteers.  I am not sure about kittens upstairs in a bedroom.  I'm 50% yes 50% no.  You knid of need a room where accidents are no big deal.   I dont have a room like that anymore.  

20. MIss Pie has another ear infection.  Very odd for cats. Ear drops and steroids for her.  She's very good about it. 

21. That's it from here. Wishing you a fun summer with lots of time to knit, in the car, on the beach, bu the pool, on your deck, on your porch, in your tent.........wherever!


Sounds like you've got lots of wonderful things going on!
Araignee said…
...."I've been knitting but not making things." That's just how I feel when I am stressed. I have to keep my hands busy even if what I am working on turns out to be a bust. I just keep going. It's been a hard spring for so many. I hope summer calms everyone down a bit. I know I could use a break from the emotional wear and tear but I don't think the world is ready to play nice yet and lately I've been feeling every bump in the road.
Tired Teacher 2 said…
Good to hear from you again. I loved this chatty post. It’s still chilly with out much Springtime happenings here. I am longing for warm days so I can sit in the sun.
Nance said…
I understand how you feel. My blog is fallow as well. It's just been tough times. Araignee's last sentence says it all for me.
sarah said…
I'm happy to hear from you again. Enjoy your summer and tell us about it if the mood strikes.
Gorgeous card, thanks for joining in our challenge,

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