Many thanks to Judy, to Gigi and to Fireman

Before I start thanking, I have to show you my shawl.  It is from Wonderland Yarns.  The pattern is called : the MESH enger Shawl.  It is being knit with 100 percent baby alpaca.  Knitting with this yarn is a dream.  It is so soft.  And there's nothing like alpaca for warmth.  The pattern called for doing the two sections, one garter, one lace, in different colors.  I wanted to make the whole thing in one color.   Since I took this photo, I have knitted another garter section and another lace section.  The only issue is my shakey hands.  IF I didnt think it was bad luck, I'd tell you that I have the same yarrn in blue and plan to start another MESH enger,  as soon as this one is off the circular needles. 

Judy is the only reason I am black on blogger.  Judy you are a natural if you could figure out the new blogger.  She gave me about 10 tips and here I am.  

Gigi helped me run the group on Ravelry, for knitting socks for amputees.  You  know we sent off 52 single socks for men and women.  They are each unique and beautiful. The amputee support group here in Southeastern Wisconsin was excited and grateful for them.  From the start , I saw this effort as a single event.  Gigi joined the group and had a handful of games, prizes and other incentives for the group.  I am not keeping the group going as Fireman needs me a bit still.  Gigi is deciding if she will run the group herself.  There is a large amputee support group in Indianapolis, and Gigi lives in Indiana.  Maybe they can send them single socks next.  I am grateful Gigi found the cause to be a good one and worked hard to recruit new members .  She packaged every sock with a note for washing instructions. And a big red heart went on the bag showinig the size of the sock . 

Many thanks to Fireman as we navigate our new routines.  We hope he will be permitted to drive soon.  In the meantime I am the imperfect driver , working very hard to drive during what feels like a lesson. 

And thanks to Firmen for loaning me his laptop that clearly has an l on the keyboard!

Who would you like to thank?  


Dee said…
Thank Steve for being a good sport and going on an adventure today that required two different trains, a walk in a "wintery-mix", and some steep uphill climbs! LOL
Vera said…
Good to see you back Kathy B! I'm thanking Fletch for being my best companion for 42 plus years!!
Jane said…
I found you! I'm glad you are back. I would like to thank my husband for sticking with me all these years. More recently I'd like to thank those who read my blog as I chatter on and on about my knitting.
Welcome back! Love the new shawl!
Tired Teacher 2 said…
Great to have you back! I’m thankful for good friends and a nice place to live.
Great to see you are back Kathy! The shawl already looks lovely! Although I don't knit I have a preference for fine knitted shawls. They seem to hang better to me than crochet ones. I'd like to thank my GP who has the patience of a saint. keep well. Amanda x
Nance said…
There you are! The shawl looks quite pretty. I'm glad to see that you have a project you like. Good news about the sock project. It sounds like it has found a good home and a good steward.
Araignee said…
I haven't updated my blog's layout since I started it because I am afraid I will lose it all and have to start over.
karen said…
PHEW! I'm so glad that you are back IN the blogger. May you continue to have success!
Judy S. said…
So glad to have you back!! Glad to get an update on the sock project, too. And it looks like you're making a pretty shawl just in time to keep warm. Here we've had lots of rain, but the past couple of days have been nice for walks and working in the garden. Hurrah!

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