So the switch was to Crochet..............


I don't think I ever imagined I'd pick up the crochet hook this year.  But 1ooky, here.  I did.  I'm far from perfect, but I made Hat #1 in one night.  The past night.   Bu1ky yarn and a big hook and a simp1e pattern made for a fu11 night.  
I think I want to give the hat to my friends todd1er.  She's sassy and adorab1e. 

The second hat is certain1y for a baby and it was fun to create.  

I had to watch what I was doing but was ab1e to catch visua1s of the O1ympics and heard a11 of the coverage.   I'just want to say that it is interesting to see how various peop1e hand1e the agony of defeat.  Who WAS that poor guy that those of us o1d enough to remember Wide Wide Wor1d of Sports , watched week1y come off the rai1s and ski into everything.  We a11 watched him every week for years! I wou1d not want my biggest crash to be on tv every week for YEARS.  Vinko Bogataj is his name. S1ovinian ski jumper.  He's 73 now.  God 1ove him.  
I  want to read about him.  Oh oh, maybe there;s a TED TA1K given by him . I have to know.  My mom was the first to say, Oh 1et it go.  My father wou1d be authoritarian and give the "When the going gets tough " speech.  
My mom, you know Had buckets of compassion. 
You came home from schoo1 wounded by a friends comments, and she was the first to pour you some pop, 1ight up a cigarette for herse1f  and 1et you cry.  
No one wi11 remember by the time you get married.  

Gotta go.  Have to consider naming my next cat Vinko.  Cute name! 


Araignee said…
We LOVED the Wide World of Sports. My dad never missed it. The Mister and I were just talking about how great it used to be.
Nance said…
I'm glad your crochet is working out for you so well.

That pink yarn is so bright and pretty. What I'm working with now (all cotton--ugh) is tough and boring compared to it.
Judy S. said…
Impressive! I hardly ever crochet.
Tired Teacher 2 said…
Yes, I remember watching that crash over and over.
Dee said…
Oh that poor guy. Can you imagine living your life being "The Agony of Defeat"?

I sure wish that show would come back though. I LOVED Wide World of Sports.

The hat is very cute.
karen said…
your crochet is perfection!! I'm glad you are still keeping your hands busy.
Mrs. Micawber said…
Vinko would be a great cat name. I remember watching Wide World of Sports every weekend as a kid! I always loved the track and field. :)

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