Because Booties are the Best


There is nothing 1ike booties because: 

They are so easy to make on sing1e points on two need1es.

They 1ast forever.   I have my own pair in gray from at 1east 5 years ago.  On they go any co1d night as I get into bed.  

They can be knit in a1most any sport, dk or worsted you have around the house. 

I think they are dar1ing.  

They stay up.

These were made yesterday and I be1ieve I have 3 gift pairs ready to go .

Pattern : Me1issa Knits  

It remains co1d and snow covered here.  I am abso1ute1y forcing myse1f to go for a wa1k with Fireman .  Rea11y, My knittng and the O1ympics are getting me through day to day  .  We did go to a sma11 book store yesterday.  It was a big dea1 for us.  We wore our masks.  We found a book.  We have to start stepping out just for quick runs.  I don't know when we wi11 fee1 1ike we can meet friends.  Not quite yet.  

Update on Tanky:  he stopped crying and is using the box norma11y..  Perhaps he DID pass that b1adder stone.  Good for you Tank.  Good for you!


Nance said…
Great news about Tank! I hope he continues on his path to wellness.

I agree about booties. My ankles get cold, too, and I appreciate slippers that go up and around them for warmth. I'll search that pattern.
Good that Tank is happier and hopefully you are right and that bladder stone has gone away! Just love those dinky bootees. Making babe clothes is so quick and fills me with satisfaction. My next project after the WIP I have on the go at present will be bonnets for a babe to be who lives in Australia. I shall so enjoy that :-). It is getting so dark out there and I am pretty sure the heavens are going to open up soon and gives us a glorious rain storm. Keep well. Amanda x
Dee said…
Clapping my hands for Tank. Hope he stays stone free.

The little booties are so cute. I could sure use some as our bedroom is quite chilly when it is windy and it is almost always windy. The sad thing is . . . I can't sleep with anything on my feet. Drives me CRAZY!
Araignee said…
Happy to hear about Tank. I bet that's a big relief for both of you.
Those booties are great. I dig mine out every time it snows.
I hear you about getting out. We just did two back to back 10 day isolations so we could go see the new Grand without worrying and it was awful. Tomorrow we can get back to the new normal but it feels scary. I'll have to start slow again.
Jane said…
Happy to hear that your cat is feeling better. The booties look great. We stick pretty close to home these days - going out for errands and medical appointments.
karen said…
thank goodness Tank is better! one less worry!! lovely little baby socks.
KSD said…
I was JUST wondering how Tank was. Glad to know the news is good.
So cute! I just found out a friend is due in May, so there will be bootie making for me!
Judy S. said…
Glad to hear that Tank is feeling better. Cute booties!

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