See, This is Why I've Been Rather Quiet


No no, you are on the new post.  It just takes time to make 8 garter strips on a throw become 11.  This is big yarn, too.  I am enjoying it.  The combinations of yarns is not perfect by any means.   But this is for us, and I am good with it.

 I have been trying to get to everyone's posts.  I am watching F1eetwood Mac on the axs tv channe1.  We don't get many interesting shows, but this is, most times, very good.  It is amazing that the men's voices stay in shape.  Stevie and 1indsay sound good.  This was recorded in 1997.  Good music. 

I spent, over an hour on scrubbing my stovetop today.  Do you do this sort of thing during winter / covid ?  I am finding projects in the house, and we are trying to hike outside.  That did happen, but just once for me this week.  The ice is now on the1ake and there are many a fishing hut out there. I did ice fish once.  It is too darn freezing with the winds whipping around.   

I am trying a new nai1 product.  I found BONTIME .  You can pee1 it off.  For a first time, the product dried quick, and did stay on for 6 days .  Not one chip. It is pricey but I do want my nai1s to 1ook nice.  If on1y for me and Fireman and the cats.  

I found the product on ....Amazon. 

One more thing: some of you sent a sock or more to the new group we have going on Rav.   THANK you.  I got it started, WarmFootWarmHeart.  Send a sock and it goes a group here for those who have just one 1eg.  One of the knitters asked to join me as a moderator.  She's great.  Gigi is running a contest for those who send socks in Feb. Check it out if you wish. She's enthusiastic and I'm appreciative. 

 I hope you are staying we11.  We are sti11 using every precaution we can.   So my friends, on the West Coast, you don't need a Tsunami warning, too.  And those out East, you don't need more ice and snow.   We can get through this ......we just need to encourage each other and stay safe.  I am missing open windows and birds chirping!!


Jane said…
The log cabin knitting looks like fun. Ice fishing just sounds too darn cold to me but I know there are those who enjoy it. Here in eastern Ne., Covid is surging so we are taking all the precautions and just mostly staying home. Will this never end?
Dee said…
Winter is always a time when I go on an organizing/cleaning frenzy. This week it was the coffee maker, floors, and making some clothing repairs. I also waxed the dining room table and Steve washed his car.

We are staying in more, but we do go places we know won't be crowded. We mask religiously. Sadly, more and more people are going bald faced and denying what is literally going to smack them in the face. Covid is real, but I don't have to tell YOU that.
Araignee said…
You've made a lot of progress!
I've been cleaning and decluttering too. I've got to stay busy but I don't like things that make me thing too much which is all my crafty stuff I am sad to say. Gotta keep moving and this miserable weather isn't helping.
Nance said…
This is definitely the time of year to do indoor projects. We're in the Snow Zone for several heavy, wet inches tonight and tomorrow as the southeast storm tracks our way.

I will keep my whining to a minimum since this is our first real winter weather of the season. (At least I'll try.)
KSD said…
I have been taking "COVID time" to catch up on some languishing projects, but scrubbing the stovetop isn't one of those. ;)
The blanket it looking good!
karen said…
beautiful beginnings!! love the colors :)

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