Tuesday, October 18, 2016

On Quitting a Game

Answers to Monday's Questions are now in italics on that post. 
Thanks for playing, and no more mouse killings to report. 
but they are never alone....

Moon, weather, glorious here. 
Fireman and I went golfing yesterday. 
I Haven't played in years. 

I love the beauty of the golf course especially when colors are  peak on the Ridge. 
I love to see Fireman golf because he thinks each shot and he gets the whole game. 
When he talks to me to help me, 
I don't understand 98% of what he is saying. 
It is a secret language and I don't even know the handshake. 
So I'm here to say, unabashadly, that I quit. 
I've been trying on and off for our whole relationship.

I swing at that little ball and often nothing happens. 
I get tense the moment I'm at address. 
(I learned that code word long ago, it means
address the ball....or surrender to it in my case...)

I can love the game and not waste good yarn money on it right?
To be fair it was only 13 dollars to play a gorgeous course, for 18 par 3 holes. 
Thats golf language for DIRT cheap. 

So good riddance.  I know have a wonderful son who has begun to enjoy the game with his dad.  I think that's better than me trying to run around and hit that little ball that mocks me ...

As for my knitting. This fall like yarn is great. 
I started the Diving IN shawl by FLo on Ravelry. 
I totally get the increases now, but I just don't like garter. So I am thinking of this as a test start.  This means I will frog it this afternoon ....but I am not quitting at all. 
 I'm thinking of doing the increases, but knitting stockinette or something different than straight garter. 

All is not lost.  The game will go one. 
I'm learning afterall in a language that I get. 
And I'd pay 13 dollars to play everyday, but I dont' have to! 
I think my cost/benefit/joy ratio is way higher with knitting than with golfing. 
If you can play the golf  game, You have my respect. 
Life's short. 
Keep knitting!


Vera said...

Oh that is some pretty yarn. A mild shade of pumpkin...I like. Well, golf...last time I did that was decades ago on a date in high school...went to a driving range where I hit nothing. I finally picked up balls and started throwing them...then got yelled at by the manager AND my date. That relationship (the guy and the golf) did not last long - ha! Most of the guys I work with golf when we go away for meetings. I book a massage instead.

Enjoyed your answers (I guessed a lot wrong). I want to make Bridget's dessert!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I don't like golf - but I love a good round of mini-golf!

As for the shawl - I'm not a huge fan of garter either - and have changed lots of patterns to stockknit instead. I say go for it!

Katherine said...

Oh my I know exactly how you feel. I would love to play golf with Bill but I am incredibly bad at it! I always miss the ball. No hand/eye coordination AT ALL!! Like you dear Kathy, that's what I have sons for. They play golf with him and make him happy. I knit and I am happy. Everyone is happy that way. Long ago we agree that he plays golf at mega$$ and I buy yarn at reasonable$$. Again, we are both happy.

Note to Fezzik: you are my hero. I have big fat field mice anytime you want to come live with me.

Tired Teacher said...

No golfing for me either. I tried it a couple of times with little success. I know it takes practice, but I'd rather walk the course than play the game.

What don't you like about garter? It's squishy which I love and the bonus is NO purling!

AsKatKnits said...

Believe it or not, I was on the golf team in high school and I played a good many years after that. However, I have not picked up the clubs since I had a rotator cuff tear (which was repaired and has healed perfect, so that is not my excuse!) Since my move to Pittsburgh, I know no one who golfs - thus my clubs sit idle in the garage. And, truthfully - I am not missing it at all.

Because, knitting...

Betsy said...

I have played golf exactly once in my life...with my Hubby when I was 18 and we were on a date. The golf was free at a park. 9 holes only. Hubby did the drives and I did the putting. It worked very well, but most courses won't let you do that! :-). Mini golf is fun too. I MUCH prefer knitting. Anytime. Anywhere. And I adore that yarn. It screams fall to me.

Unknown said...

You are cute to play golf with your husband. I like that yarn you're using for this new, shawl project.

Mereknits said...

I am not a golfer either and frankly don't want to waste the time if I had any available. However I would take a ride int he cart and knit on a beautiful fall day.

Araignee said...

The Mister is obsessed with golf and always wants me to come play. When I do, he just yammers on and on about everything I'm doing wrong. No fun there at all.
I love garter stitch shawls because they are so soft and squishy and they are the same on both sides. To each his own though. I'm sure whatever you come up with will be great.

Anonymous said...

Steve is a golfer. I tried it once. He tried knitting once. We both decided we weren't very good at each others hobbies and we would keep our own. LOL

Judy S. said...

We had to take 2 years of PE in college, so one quarter a couple friends and I took golf and bowling. Too funny! I was great at divots and would you believe we had to practice by the Student Union. In bowling the teacher said she couldn't understand how I could have such good form and not knock down many pins. Sure was glad when that semester was over! Check out the Brooklin Vest on Ravelry: both garter and stockinette and quite a fun knit. BTW, I still don't know how to fix errors on garter stitch. Makes me crazy sometimes!

Delighted Hands said...

Hang in there with the shawl-you will love the texture and reversibility of the pattern!
I came to the same decision about golf a LONG time ago-now DH asks me to go with him and knit on the golf cart while he plays....sounds like a once in a lifetime appointment to me! lol

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