Ordinary Thoughts ....and a knit FINISH

I'm wondering:  if Zach is eating enough in Mexico.  His face is thin.  (Fireman said I needed to stop feeding him baked goods  when he lived at home, but what's a mother for? ) 

I'm thanking God: that Zach is having a fantastic time in Chiapas.  
 I'm grateful for: the barnwood and here's the finished headboard. (My pillows look sorry.  But we do sleep in our bed it is not just for show!)
 I'm seeing: how the corn changes as the fall begins. (this country business is as if I walked through the door in the Wizard of OZ) There is beauty on a vast scape everywhere. )
 I'm Comparing the size of Beatles next to Fezzik.  10lb difference.  (The neighbors who have come to our door are astounded at his size, we are just used to living with His Giantness)  

I'm hearing: the leaves in the wind having a big old party as they hang on for a few more weeks before they fall. 

I'm planning: to make my own tomato soup this week. 

I've finished: 
My very own Peruvian alpaca hat. (gift yarn from Abby S. who trekked it back from Peru for my birthday)   This was a dream to knit.  The yarn was so dang soft.  I added some aqua to the neutrals and I like the finish. 
Note:  I used size 1 needles for the ribbed brim.  Someone had said you cannot use small enough needles for your brim and by golly they were right.  The hat was knit on 4s.  


Betsy said…
Love your new hat! It's beautiful and that aqua sets it off perfectly. The new headboard turned out great too didn't it? Our pillows are the same. No fancy stuff for us either. :-). I miss the corn stalks of the Midwest, but our leaves are already falling out here. An early winter? I hope not.
Tired Teacher said…
The aqua is the perfect color accent for the neutrals - well done.

Good to hear that Zach is well and loving his new job. Are you planning a trip to see him?
Katherine said…
I love the aqua accents! Thanks for the tip on the #1 needles. I have never done that and always wish there was a way to make the ribbing a little tighter. I know you are going to enjoy your corn field. We lived in the middle of one in Wheaton. We had amazing visitors: raccoons, skunks, huge snakes, opossums.... You're going to love it! Zach looks great. My mother's theory was that you can eat all the authentic Mexican food you want without gaining weight. It didn't hold true for me but maybe it is for Zach.
Kim in Oregon said…
Lurve your hat Queen Kathy!
Anonymous said…
I love how you stuff your son with from scratch, baked goodies. Wowza, a 10 lb difference between the two felines? I guess it must be genetics. Great beanie knitted up! Those pops of light blue really make the beigey greys special.
Vera said…
Love the aqua accents in your hat Kathy -- it looks fabulous! My son would say Fezzik is a beast!! (He says that about his own cats) Your boy looks good, but will you be able to fatten him up at Christmas (will he be coming home for the holidays)?
Teresa Kasner said…
Your on is so handsome! I'm glad he's making sure to travel before he settles down with a wife and kids! :-) Your hat turned out fabulous and I agree, the turquoise was a brilliant addition to the pattern. Good job! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)
Teresa Kasner said…
Oops.. I meant "son" not "on". Sheesh.
Unknown said…
Great hat! I bet your soup will be delish! Thanks for sharing!
KSD said…
Hello to Zach! Does he still have the website for selling his photos? I need to start doing a little Christmas thinking.

Your hat is spectacular. The thin aqua stripes are PERFECT. Nice job.
Anonymous said…
I LOVE that pop of blue. It's perfect with the neutrals.
Delighted Hands said…
Your hat is amazing-wish I could feel it, too!
Great idea to add the turquoise for the pop the neutrals needed!
Love your kitties; country life is magical!
Judy S. said…
Your hat is purr-fect! I love it, and it looks great on you. Fez is big, but I think Ginger might be even bigger; she keeps sneaking in and eating Mocha's food. Our leaves and bazillions of maple seeds are coming down here daily. And October is just around the corner. How did that happen?
Araignee said…
I think the same thing about my son in Michigan. He always looks like a skeleton to me.
The hat is perfect. The pop of aqua is fabulous!
Well I am very glad to hear that you sleep in your bed not just look at it! I totally know what you meant though. The headboard is great isn't it! xx
Mereknits said…
When I lived in Oconomowoc I cherished each day of change in the Fall, the colors are so subtle at first then the big explosion of color, and then back to subtle.
Love your hat,
karen said…
lovely hat!! and your head board is perfection. I bet you love walking into the bedroom and seeing it :)
kathy b said…
Thanks for all the nice comments. Zach is coming home for Christmas! We are not planning a visit there as of now. It is much cheaper to fly him home than for us to both fly down and pay for hotels. :) We do love seeing his photos though.

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