Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday Q and A Ready Set Play

1. Are more likely to burn your tongue on dinner, or sit down to it already cold? 
(burn my tongue, of course, I cannot wait to put the food in my mouth)(pizza you are a culprit in more ways that one.....)

2. Do you own a pencil?
(I do.  Its broke and I dont have a sharpener.  The eraser is long gone. ) 

3. When are you most likely to drop a stitch ? : 
during hat decrease?  in a complicated repeat that requires frogging to fix? knitting with zeros...period.
(hat decreases have been known to undue me.  I watch those stitches more closely than I watch my knitting at any other time. Those little last stitches have a mind of their own) 

4. Last board or card game you played? 
(we played HIVE while Al was here.  A very very good thinking strategy game.  Not unlike chess, but much quicker and more fun.)

5. Flambeau

or Going to Seed. (socks that rock) 
I pick Flambeau

SimplySockYarn Hedgehogfibers:

 Skinny Nutmeg 

or Fools Gold 

I pick skinny nutmeg.

7.  Yarn barn kits

Cabled scarf or 


(I pick cables and the scarf is short so I wouldn't lose interest) 

8. koliage or knitters pride needles? (i love square needles) 

(square needles for sure!) 

9.  Cream, Half and half or Coffeemate?

coffeemate.  every day.  Even though it is the farthest thing from real dairy.  They've hooked me.  I can't drink coffee without it. 

 Fresh Flowers
Walk in the Winter

(Vesper yarn) 

I pick walk in the winter. 

Enjoy the visuals of the yarn today.  It is hard to beat looking at yarn isn't it?  


Tired Teacher said...

Oooh, I love the yarn selections today. My choices - Going to seed, Feesh Flowers, and Walk in the Winter.

Vera said...

Beautiful harvest moon, gorgeous yarn and fun questions! Answers on my blog.

Unknown said...

1. Our dinner is always in the middle.
2. Nope; all lead pencils here.
3. I usually drop a stitch if I'm trying to knit while watching a podcast.
4. Mancala with Jellybean.
5. Flambeau
6. Fool's Gold; I like the craziness.
7. I like the Herringbone but I heard it's a difficult stitch pattern.
8. I have never tried square needles. I was recently wondering about them. I have a set of Knitter's Pride DPNs in green. I love them. Bought them in Seattle.
9. I love cream but I usually put a splash of milk in my tea.
10. I love both of these yarns but Fresh Flowers really catches my eye.

KSD said...

Here goes!
1. Burn my tongue. My mother was a stickler about eating food before it got cold.
2. Yes. Several, actually. I make notes on patterns with them.
3. I'm most likely to do it when whatever I'm working on makes it next to impossible to fix easily. *Cough*lace*cough*
4. Scrabble Slam. It's crazy fun.
5. Going to Seed. (Brilliant name, by the way.)
6. I prefer the colors of Skinny Nutmeg, but I'm a sucker for the tweed of Fool's Gold.
7. Herringbone. I'm not very good at cables, and I think Herringbone is more compelling visually.
8. Kollage, hands down. I refuse to knit with round needles if I have squares in size.
9. None --- not a coffee drinker.
10. Walk in the Winter. Something about the hot pink in Fresh Flowers is unsettling.

Thanks, as usual, for a fun Monday!

Delighted Hands said...

Love the eye sick to play today; sorry!

Anonymous said...

1. Definitely burn my tongue (or the roof of my mouth). Both Steve and I do it EVERY SINGLE TIME we have chicken and dumplings.

2. I own many pencils -- colored and graphite. AND --- when Steve retired he brought home an electric pencil sharpener. GOSH I LOVE THAT MAN! He really knows how to charm a girl. LOL

3. I drop stitches all the time, but particularly when you get down to those teeny-tiny decreases. Drives me CRAZY!

4. Probably Uno or Skip-Bo when Stephen was a kid. I'm not much for board games or cards. I sometimes play solitaire on the computer though.

5. Going to Seed --- very restful colors.

6. Both a very nice, but Skinny Nutmeg wins by a little bit!

7. Cabled Scarf -- love doing cables

8. I haven't tried the Knitter's Pride. I had some Kollage sock needles. While I liked using them, I couldn't get gauge and my socks made on those needles never fit right. I went back to regular sock needles.

9. Black or with plain FF half and half if the coffee is uber-strong.

10. Neither --- don't like either one of those.

Thanks for another great week of Q & A. It's so much fun reading everyone's answers.

Araignee said...

1. Burn baby, burn.
2. Too funny. The Mister and I have been squabbling all day over our lack of pencils.
3. Anything lacy. I loose little stitches all the time and have to go looking for them.
4. Hmmmm......can't recall. That's sad.
5. Flambeau!
6. Gold!
7. Herringbone. That's clever. I like it.
8. Never tried square. I'm Knit Picks all the way.
9. Only Coffeemate. I love the stuff.
10. Fresh Flowers. The brighter the better for me.

Teresa Kasner said...

1. I like my food hot hot hot.. cannot stand cold food.
2. I have a collection of mechanical pencils.. my favorite is sterling silver! :-)
3. I try not to do anything complicated. :-)
4. I play Scrabble and Words With Friends online allllll the time.
5. Going to Seed.
6. Fools Gold.
7. Herringbone.
8. Handcrafted twisted bronze DPNs.. #1
9. International Coffee in Caramel Chocolate.. can. not. drink. coffee. without. it.
10. Fresh Flowers.

Betsy said...

I'm a day late can I still play?

1. I burn my tongue a lot because I'm impatient.
2. I have lots of pencils but many of them need to be sharpened. I don't think I have any mechanical pencils though.
3. I seem to have problems dropping stitches when I have to frog my work back. It doesn't seem to matter how big or little The needles are.
4. I can't remember the last game I played. We have a big cabinet of boardgames for the grandkids but they all live so far away they don't get played often.
5. Gone to seed.
6. Skinny nutmeg.
7. Herringbone.
8. Although I've never used either, the knitters pride looks very similar to my knitpicks needles that I use all of the time.
9. None. I don't drink coffee.
10. Walk in the winter.

That was fun! Thanks for letting me join in a day late.
Blessings, Betsy

Gracie Saylor said...

1. cold
2. many
3. frogging
4. Scrabble
5. Flambeau
6. Skinny Nutmeg
7. Herringbone
8. Knitter's Pride
9. Almond Milk
10. Both
:) xxxxxxxxxx

Sue said...

1. Burn my tongue
2. A whole box
3. I don't
4. Scrabble
5. Flambeau
6. Nutmeg
7. Cables
8. I've never used square needles
9. Black
10. Walk in Winter

Wanderingcatstudio said...

1. Burn my tongue! Especially on fresh-from-the-oven pizza.
2. I own lots of pencils. I’m an artist, I have a whole range of pencils, and those numbers (2H, HB, 2B) on the pencils mean a lot!
3. In a complicated repeat that requires frogging to fix
4.I played Jenga with the girls last Chrismas
5. Going to seed (though I do like Falmbeau)
6. Skinny Nutmeg
7. Cabled scarf (though I’d make it longer!)
8. Knitters pride. I don’t like the square needles.
9. None – I don’t drink coffee.
10. Fresh Flowers

Judy S. said...

Love your moon photo! It was beautiful, wasn't it. Our photo was not good as we had a tough time seeing it behind our hotel, and couldn't take a picture on the road, coming back from Jill's. What do you like about square needles? I've been too chicken to get some!

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