Gifty Yarn!

 Kim totally spoiled me with my Runner up 
Win from Hunks and Chicks.
That's koigu in purple, adorable cat rescue yellow yarn,
Regia in blue and a fun multi in non wool. 

She also gifted me the linens below. What???
I know.  Right? 
(that's what all the young ones say?
"Iknow.....Right?" )

Oh and there were more goodies, including
Stitch markers
and wool wash. 

all for Kirsten Bell who FIREMAN told me I should nominate. 
I'm fairly sure she was my winning nominee.

So, in the moving department, 
We have been trying to help our forest. 
We have been covering up, spraying our clothes with Deep WOODS off and chopping down buckthorn. 

I want a healthy woods.  
How can it be magical if its full of buckthorn?
We let some light in to an Oak Tree sapling. 
We also gave some space to some Concolor Firs.
There is a HUGE tree I have to show you soon from the woods. 

How do you keep your woods healthy? 


Betsy said…
What a wonderful bunch of goodness you received. So pretty. We have no woods near our home so I'm of no help to you there. :-)
Judy S. said…
Wow! You're going to be kept busy knitting up all that new yarn. Lucky you! We don't have any close by woods, but we do have several pine trees in our yard which we need to water during the summer. During last years unusually sunny summer we sadly lost two of them. What is buckthorn?
Lovely yarns - that should keep you warm well into winter.
Vera said…
What pretty gifts!! You will be busy. My husband has been busy cutting up trees that have fallen over the past year or two onto the trails we have through the woods at the back of our property. I stay away until it's clear and the trails are weed-whacked (or wacked) -- too many ticks out there! The deer keep a lot of stuff under control, but there are still brambles, etc.
Tired Teacher said…
No woods around me anymore, but on the farm there was a wooded area. We tried to keep the undergrowth under control.

Love your gifted yarn: how fun is that! Riight?
Araignee said…
Wow! Congrats on the win. That's a real windfall.
Healthy woods? We cleared the dead wood and brush out around the house when we first moved in but lost the battle for most of it. The Mister goes out and tries every spring but then it gets too hot and buggy and nature takes over. This morning we had a huge limb down on the driveway that was covered with poison ivy. Ugh.
Anonymous said…
LOL I live in the SWAMP! We do not go into the swamp --------

Your winnings are cool, am I right? Or am I RIGHT!
Maureen said…
You scored big time!
Can't help you with healthy woods. I live in the middle of the prairies and the only trees we have are the ones we planted!
karen said…
Lovely yarns so nice for a newly moved in knitter! We let our woods do whatever it wants to do. The deer love to hide in the edge and stare back at us :)
Katherine said…
I adore that face, lovey-snuggle the beach puppy and am amazed by the yarn haul!! WOW! Last week we were fighting with Bobcats hiding in the undergrowth and low hanging tree limbs across the back of our yard. Quick as a Bobcat running for cover, the tree doctor cut those limbs back and cleared the undergrowth. I'm hoping little cat finds a safe place to hang out in other parts of the woods.
Delighted Hands said…
How thrilling to win such beautiful yarn! Wow, it will be keeping you busy for a long time!
We keep the wood around us healthy by keeping the grapevines under control, planting compatible flowers and plants that are native.
It's nice to play Adam and Eve in our 'Garden'!
Teresa Kasner said…
How much woods do you have? The problem we have here is #$&^** English Ivy. It climbs our trees here and chokes them and then the tree dies. So we have to pull it off the trees. I hate that Ivy. I lost my blog list on my blog and had to build an all new one.. you're on my new one.. aren't you special? LOL! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)
Mereknits said…
I don't go in the woods, because it is really a swamp and who knows what is lurking in there. Love all that yarn, wow!

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