Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday Q and A Time

  1. Moving has done wonders for my brain.  I am asked and I ask myself a dozen times a day, (not exaggerating) , Where is the (insert noun) ? Amazingly, 99% of the time I know where something is in the new home.  This has really been a gift to me as my mom's dementia is always in the back of  my mind.So silver lining there. Where's your silver lining today?

  2. The sunset photo below was taken on Saturday.  It may be my best sunset photo ever.  Where was your favorite sunset photo taken? (mine on Willow road headed to the tollway (94) in Northbrook Illinios)

3. Summertime and the knitting is mindless here.  I have to pay attention to baseball.  It is nearly September folks. The CUBS are still in first place in their division.  Should I knit and felt a CUBS colors stocking?  This is our year.  It is . It is. 

4.  Amy Beth of the Fat Squirrel podcast is giving away some goodies to folks who send her a microdonation of a dollar.  I dont' mind giving her a dollar. She makes me laugh.  She makes Al laugh. Have you tried Amy Beth on you tube?  She is a great knitter and she explains it all very well. 

5. Confession: I haven't been to a knit shop in over a month.  I've been too busy with the moving.  This may be the longest I've gone without a knit shop visit. Oh, maybe that explains all the itching I've been going through.  So it has been at least  A month.  What's your longest?

6. Have you had a skinny girl Margherita? I have.  You should.

7. Do you self diagnose?  I do all the time.  I think I have a badly bruised tail bone from a fall from a kitchen chair before we moved. 
I have decided its not a break or a fracture.  What's your own diagnosis?

8. Linda my pal is coming over today. Or coming up rather from Chicago to visit.  She knits those amazing little animals.  She's been on an animals only kick for over a year.  She's a perfectionist and they are perfect.  Stuffed so tight you cant pinch them.  If you could knit an animal which one would it be?  I think I would knit a dog for my desk.  

9. Confession number 2: I haven't had a pedicure all summer. No time.  My toes are boring.  What color are your toenails today?

10. I believe all my yarn got here safely.  Whoop whoop! I haven't unpacked it yet.  Should I wait for a rainy day? I have my stocking yarn in a bag I brought with me in the car.  It never left my side. 


Katherine said...

1. My silver lining today would be that I discovered my great-grandson is a Cubs fan. I'm not alone (in the family) anymore!
2. Best sunset photo is one nurse/photographer son took over the back fence, over the longhorns in the field.
3. Absolutely knit in Cubs colors!! We need all the Cubs paraphernalia around us we can get.
4. I haven't seen Amy Beth. Will look her up.
5. Oh dear, I hear knit shop withdrawal coming on! I'm not usually bothered by it because I don't shop in knit shops--usually.
6. When I drink margaritas I don't think, "skinny." If I did, I wouldn't have enjoyed the one grandson made for me on my birthday. No telling what was in that thing!
7. I self diagnose all the time and my doctor hates it! He tells me, "Let me be the doctor around here."
8. I've never knit animals--don't know why. If I did I think I would knit a JRT.
9. I haven't had any color on my nails or toenails all summer. It has been very easy to just have short, clean, buffed nails. I do too much that messes up polish in the summer and don't enjoy the constant repairs!
10. I would have to unpack the yarn first. We can wait for clothes and cooking utensils--the yarn comes first!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are all moved in and starting to knit again.

Happy knitting.

Gracie Saylor said...

4. Thanks to you I will check out her podcast, Kathy b. :) xx

Delighted Hands said...

I self-diagnose most of the time! lol I will tell you, I took a good fall and hurt my tailbone and just rested a few days and then pushed on; like you are probably going to do.
But when I had to have a bone density test 5 years later, the tech said, "Oh, my! When did you break your tailbone?" It shows up denser where there had been a break. Just saying...

Stacey Minter said...

My answers for this week. Hope you have a wonderful week. :)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

1. Where's your silver lining today? Rupert not automatically running away every time I get near him. Day by day he gets a little more confident.
2. Where was your favorite sunset photo taken? Oddly enough, I don’t think I have any – I need to rectify that!
3. Should I knit and felt a CUBS colors stocking? Go for it!

4. Have you tried Amy Beth on you tube? Nope, I don’t watch a lot of videos.

5. What's your longest? Oh gee… since we started dyeing yarn, I rarely go to the yarn shop. Last time was probably at least six months ago, if not last year!

6. Have you had a skinny girl Margherita? Nope – not really a Margherita drinker.

7. Do you self diagnose? All the time – and Google is no help!

8. If you could knit an animal which one would it be? I was just admiring this cute little cat pattern -

9. What color are your toenails today? Mine are a nice, sheer pearly white, but they are due for a change.

10. I believe all my yarn got here safely. Whoop whoop! I haven't unpacked it yet. Should I wait for a rainy day? Unpack it now… you know you want to!

Araignee said...

1. I totally get that silver lining. I question myself all the time. In fact, I am pretty sure I am in the early stages and it's scary. My silver lining? Being stuck kitty sitting during Summer Under the Stars on TCM. Today it was Charles Boyer. Great movies to knit to.
2. Hmmm...I'm on the western shore of the Bay so we see sunrises. Sunset is behind the trees and is not much to see. Your photo is spectacular!
3. Why not? Can you have too many?
4. I have listen or watched to podcasts in ages. I can't do itunes on the Chromebook and it's a pain to go from site to site looking for them.
5. I haven't been in a real yarn shop in years. Maybe five.
6. I tried them once but I am spoiled by the real deal. You can't be skinny and drink margaritas.
7. I am a card carrying hypochondriac. I have a different type of cancer everyday.
8. I've got a giraffe pattern I'd love to knit but I know I won't. I tried a bunny once and it was terrible looking.
9. Au natural. I took off the blue and it took FOREVER. I don't want to go through that again.
10. I'd have to wait for a calm quiet day so I could enjoy it. I love going through my stash.

Betsy said...

1. I have been so forgetful all of my life so I'm always afraid that I'll have Alzheimer's. Silver lining? I finished all except the buttons on a sweater today.
2. Your sunset photo is amazing. My favorite photo of a sunset was one I took at the Oregon coast a couple of years ago.
3. Sure. I think you should knot whatever you want to.
4. I've been enjoying Amy Beth's podcasts. She makes me smile too.
5. I haven't been to a knit store in a couple of months. It's the opposite direction from the lake so I don't go. :-). It's too convenient to order from Knit Picks online.
6. Never had a margarita.
7. And sometimes I think I do a better than the doctors, especially recently.
8. I made some teddy bears for my grandkids a few years ago but that's about all. I would like to make some of the sheep that Susan B. Anderson (I think), has recently put a pattern on Ravelry for.
9. Purplish/Reddish/Burgandyish. I don't know the name of the color. But it's chipping because of the gravel roads I walk on everyday. I need to redo them. And yes, I do my own. My nurse daughter has made me paranoid of the way they clean the footbaths's at the pedicure places.
10. Unpack the yarn of course!

kayT said...

If you know where things are 99% of the time, I bow to your amazing ability! I might know where things are maybe 75% of the time, and maybe 15% of that turns out to be wrong! Oh well. Now that I am old I can blame it on how full my brain is. Don't you sometimes wish you could clean out your brain the way you can your computer?

karen said...

so very glad you are MOVED and moving on. I hope your tailbone heals and those kind of hurts take forever! You must get yourself and buy yourself a moving present because you deserve it. I learned from many many moves in my life to label every single box no matter how silly or how good your memory is. That is how you find stuff in the new house.

hope you love your new digs.

Judy S. said...

Awesome that you can find things when you need them! We've lived here nearly 40 and can't make that claim. LOL I've knit a number of animals including a huge snake by request from David. I love pictures of sunsets over Puget Sound with the Olympic Mts. in there, too. Do the yarn! How can you not???

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