Thursday, August 11, 2016

Grounded by Knitting

 I'm in love with these paddles.  Just sayin so
 Much as I love the sound of rushing waters , I'd like to stop swimming upstream now.   I'm ready to float down the lazy river, but that is not to be just yet.  Packing packing blah blah blah. 
So I grab my needles and I knit my Christmas stocking at night  and I get into that knitty trance.  Thank you Knitty trance, 
without you I'd be sunk.  Tipped over in the kayak in the rapids, gasping for air......
but my knitting grounds me folks.  It really does. 

These two, Big and Little, will very occasionally share a space.
When Miss Pie allows it. 
Miss Bossy pants. 
Mr, What did I do?
Did not
did so

and so it goes. 


Araignee said...

I caught my big ole male kitty prancing around like I don't know what the other day. I was sitting and knitting and he must have forgot I was there. I have never seen the skittish thing act so silly. I had to laugh which broke the spell.
Stay afloat my friend. Keep your eye on the prize.

Vera said...

Those paddles are fabulous!! Soon you will be floating...enjoy the ride. Those kitties are too darn cute.

Betsy said...

Gorgeous paddles. I remember those days just before moving. Soon you'll be happy and downriver in your new home, but glad you have your knitting to keep you sane. I don't know what I would do if my needles and hook were taken away from me, but it probably wouldn't be pretty.

Katherine said...

I know something about the did not, did so routine! Dogs do it too. I'm so glad you find peace in your knitting. Packing to move is about my least favorite thing to do! The paddles are beautiful. I think you need some for your future Kayak/lazy river excursions.

Stefanie said...

Love seeing Fezzik. They're going to be so curious about their new home. Glad knitting is keeping you sane among the endless packing.

Anonymous said...

Like true brothers and sisters! ;-) They are ADORABLE!!!

Knitting keeps us from getting stabby!

Judy S. said...

You tipped over in your kayak? Yikes! Love the kitty photos; our two hate each other!

The Well Fed Wheel said...

I feel your pain....I went through that whole moving extravaganza thang exactly one year ago. You're doing better than I did....I was to tired to even knit during that time.

AsKatKnits said...

I, likewise, am so thankful for knitting. It is the string of sanity at times!

Delighted Hands said...

The move is hard on everyone-even the cats! Keep your sense of humor and knit through the whirlpools!!!

karen said...

knitting is the balm for the soul and for stress. I love the two cats sharing space in harmony :)

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