Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Brainless Posting

I'll call this brainless post number one.  It is safe to say my brain is working hard these days and it feels good to keep it simple and keep it raw and real.

I told you all to take sunset shots last night, and oops, guess who totally forgot until it was pitch black out?  Maybe you shouldn't hold me to much till the move is over.   I know , you usually give me a wide berth anyhow!  Ah bloggy pals, you rock.  
Here are some gorgeous dishcloth photos pulled right from Ravelry. 
Don't know anything more about them. 
Just Search dishcloths on Rav and they will be there. 

 I did pay attention to the fact that many of you are knitting dishcloths right now.  So see, I paid attention. 
The last one is crocheted. 

Caffeine Girl just made me laugh. She wonders if moving is worse than a colonoscopy or a colonoscopy is worse than moving?

It's all good.  I'm pretty much a terrible team player and I get to handle most things one on one in this situation.
So I'm good. 

Fireman is all measuring tapes and power tool checklists, and I'm just making sure I get my knitting in every day for my sanity. 
Because that's all that matters,
my knitting sanity. 

I promise to bore you to death with details once we have made the move.  I was told to stop my magical thinking, but I guess I can't.  If I talk too much about it, it may not happen, right?

Back to my needles friends. 
I've put another inch on the never ending leftover sock yarn blanket in the last few days. 

Where's your brain been?


Tired Teacher said...

The dish cloths are pretty: I especially like the pink one with diamond points.

I've been going non-stop this week - every day a different appointment. I swear I'm crazy for scheduling things on top of each other.

Unknown said...

I like that star one. My brain just checked off Block Party appetizer last night and today haircuts.

Araignee said...

I just knit two dishcloths and sent them off to #2 Son up in Michigan for his birthday. I'd forgotten how much fun they are to make.

Betsy said...

I laughed out loud at the colonoscopy comment! :-). I think summer is a great time for dishcloths because they're small and quick. Kind of like socks. The thought of knitting a sweater or even on my sock yarn blanket is too hot for me right now. Factor in the reality that I haven't felt well and don't want to think...well dishcloths and socks are just the thing. I hope your move goes very smoothly. I know it's never fun. Stay cool.

Anonymous said...

Where is my brain??? Probably wandering between new and old and just trying to take it "a day at a time".

I'm so up in the air over whether a vintage home is really right for us. Someone once told me when I walk in the right house I will know. So, I'm guessing the one I showed is not the right one because I'm so up in the air about it.

Delighted Hands said...

You do whatever you need to , it is hard to remain sane when a move is in the air!
Nice inspiration for the dishcloths-I love to knit them!
We're pulling for you!!!

Teresa Kasner said...

My brain is that we leave for our big lake camping trip in one week and we are going to have to work like fiends to get ready to go. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

karen said...

I am thrilled that there is some mindless knitting on your needles as you process and digest the move! I cannot wait for details!!!

Judy S. said...

Love that first dishcloth! Just found a bag of sock yarn and think it's time to start one of those blankets!

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