Tuesday, August 02, 2016

August Already Photo

I'll have you know this idyllic farm scene was shot from the moving truck.  Fireman does. not. stop. for my photos.  

Here are the Irisheyes men with the weird eyed Pie.
She has become such a lover. 
But don't try cut this one's nails' alone.
She'll eat you alive. 
We do it anyhow.
We wrap her in a towel.
Another person clips the nails.
She protests something fierce.

The past two days I've worked on my blanket;the one in blues and yellows that will be a WIP for another long while.

August 2nd wow.  Kids leaving for college soon! 
Moving month for us. 
Zach heads to Mexico.
Still plenty of time to swim, go on a vacation,
head to the beach, have a party, a picnic
or a perfect sunset photo. 

LEt's see how good we can get with our sunset photos tonight???? anybody game?


Tired Teacher said...

On the move already? Love the barn shot and the guys with Miss Pie.

Too much smoke in the area from forest fires to get a good sunset photo tonight. ;o(

Araignee said...

I can't see the sun from here anymore. I am deep in a dark hole in a forest that hasn't dried out in months. The canopy is thick this year. The trees are loving this weather. Me not so much.

Unknown said...

You must be so busy packing and how exciting and relieving that the moving day will be here soon. Your method of trimming your cat's claws reminds me of when the ER wrapped up Jellybean in a sheet and laid her on top of her father. She was two years old then and had to get her forehead wound cleaned out before the doctor gave her two, dissolvable stitches and then surface oens.

Betsy said...

You are brave cutting a cats nails. I would never attempt that! It's hard to believe that it's August already. Moving is SO much work.

Teresa Kasner said...

We live in a holler in a hilly area and do not have a clear view of the sunset sky.. or the sunrise either.. that's where our little forest is. So, enjoy yours and I hope you have good views from the new house. Enjoy your August, it sounds like it's the end of an era for you all. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh....too late for me to get a sunset photo. It's after dark already....and we had a spectacular sunset due to some pretty wicked thunderstorms early this evening.

Giroux doesn't like having his nails trimmed, but at least it can be a one-woman job. He just wiggles a lot.

karen said...

are you moving far? I can't remember or did you keep it a secret?? I love when the school year starts, so exciting and fun. I bet you will miss them though.

Vera said...

Love your pictures! No sunset pics from me...it was all overcast and grey yesterday. Hope your new home provides stunning views. Exciting times for you!!

AsKatKnits said...

Love your photos! But, alas no sunset photos here last night - but I will try tonight!

Delighted Hands said...

I will be at Lake Ontario Saturday but too early for a sunset photo! I will take one anyway.
Love your farm photo-great job getting it as the roving reporter!

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