Monday, July 18, 2016

Monday Q and A July 18th 2016

The glads were purchased to bring to a friend.
The zinnia is the first to bloom in my garden. 

Today's Q and A: 

1-I'm giving some away, (Lets just say) do you want 
Homemade pickles or homemade salsa?

Should I pack my knitting all in one box or spread it around in the event  a box goes  missing?

Best yarn sale this summer? 
Share the savings!

I'm running out of underwear. 
So less to pack. 
Should I buy in a month?
Just wash what I have for a few weeks? 
It's clean for goodness sake, I'm just running out

Give me your best no cook summer dinner. 
The barbecue grill ran out of fuel. I don't want to refill it. 
Also Fireman just cleaned it really well. 
I can't turn on the oven in this summery heat-

I'm drinking coffee from the dear Fred Rodgers Mug. 
Fred says,
"You can never go down the drain" 
What is your favorite Fred saying?

Al's knitting with Quince and Co linen. 
Apparently linen shrinks, but stretches back. 
What's been your experience?

I think I may make a silver and gold Christmas stocking.
Would this be weird? 

What network do you use for a new cable company.
We liked Wide Open West, or WOW.
They don't service in Wisconsin.

The cicadas have started singing their summer song. 
I like this sound.
What summer sounds do you like?

My answers: 
1.I'll take the pickles. 
2. I'll spread the yarn into a few boxes just in case. 
Some of it will never get packed and go right into the car with me.  
3. Bought Knitpicks yarn for felting last week. 
I think it will be my most affordable stocking so far. 
4. I dont' know!
5. NO cook dinner: 
I'm asking you!  But my go to is
bag salad. 
6. "I like you just the way you are"
7. Linen never softens for me.  
8. A silver and gold stocking might be ugly. 
9. I dont know I'm asking yOU!
10. Crickets, at night.  I love the sound. 

Happy Monday Friends!


Anonymous said...

TAKE ALL THE YARN IN THE CAR can't trust movers! They will abscond with your woolies! LOL

My favorite no cook dinner? Go out!

KSD said...

I've never seen Glads that color; breathtaking.

Tired Teacher said...

Pickles, definitely - dill or sweet
Your stay will fit in ONE box?
I'm on a yarn diet - no purchasing this summer
Use the crock pot
Hmm, hard to pick
Cotton and linen both stretch when worn
Silver and gold would be pretty with some white
I cut the cable and only stream
Meadowlarks singing in the early morning

Bridget said...

Beautiful flowers! I have a couple of New Guinea impatiens in pots that bloomed this weekend, and I'm so thrilled!

Katherine said...

Hi moving Kathy! Thanks for taking time out to post your Monday meme. I love it!
1. Pickles please!
2. Live dangerously and put everything in one box--except all the yarn you pile into the backseat of the car.
3. I love to save and I love to share. Especially yarn!
4. I am a happy hand washer! I really like to hand wash socks and underwear and other small things. Just give me an excuse to hand wash and I'm a happy camper.
5. What I like to call a "clean the fridge" salad. I like seeing what I can put into a salad and still have it be a salad, as opposed to cold stir-fry.
6. I love Fred Rogers statement about the three ways to success being 1. To be kind, 2. be kind and 3. be kind.
7. I like linen yarn but mixed with something else like cotton or alpaca.
8. Silver and gold--I think it would be beautiful. Perfect for a King!
9. We are DISH people. We tried several other TV carriers and nothing worked for us like DISH.
10. I love to hear the frogs in the pond. As night when I take the pups out for the last time, I hear them singing their froggy song and I feel like the day is complete.

Lynn said...

Fruited spinach salad is a favorite as is regular spinach salad. Egg salad and tuna salad as a sandwich filling or in lettuce cups or stuffed in tomatoes. Fruit salads are cooling too. Cottage cheese sprinkled with dry jello is good and fruit can be added. You can make a chicken in the crockpot and use it for several things.

Stacey Minter said...

Beautiful flowers. Fun questions this week. Here are my answers. Hope you have a wonderful week.

Unknown said...

1. I think I'd take homemade salsa.
2. We didn't have a problem with our movers and my yarn is in a few containers because they can't all fit into one.
3. There are always good sales going on but I think Knit Picks is up there because since they cut out the middle man, their yarn is affordable and even more son on sale.
4. Huh? on the underwear. Are you running out b/c most are dirty or you've thrown many away?
5. Our no cook dinner is sandwiches.
6. I got nothing.
7. I heard linen feels rough and stiff when knitting with it but once it's wet-blocked, it really blossoms.
8. It'd be an interesting mix.
9. We gave up cable long ago; gotta put that money into two college funds. We use Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix.
10. I like quiet.

kathy b said...

Stefanie....I need to clarity. The undies are clean. I just buy cotton and they loose their elasticiy and I toss them out . I usually wait till Im going on vacation to buy underwear. No vakay this maybe I should bite the bullet and go way out there and buy a 3 pack! I think they even carry them at walgreens. I have no excuse.

elns said...

So much to do! So much going on! Exciting times. Yes, definitely put the knitting in more than one box.

As for no cook dinner salad is always great. Do not underestimate the practicality and tastiness of store purchased rotisserie chicken. Also I am quite fond of Tunafish with celery, onion and dill pickle. If you have a toaster oven, melt a piece of cheese on it. I do this mini version on triscuits, because many snacks are as good as a meal, right?

I like pickles only if they are dill. Have you ever had a cornichon?

Delighted Hands said...

1 Salsa
2 All in one box or in several but they must go together-preferably in your car!
3 Love to share..
4 Buy some new-live it up!
5 Go out to eat!
6 I sing the 'I'm proud of you' song to my kids...still!
7 No experience knitting with it!
8 Go for it-so what if it looks weird-someone will love it!
9 Dish has been our cable company for 10yrs
10 Whippoorwills in the evg

Unknown said...

Hey lady! I got your wonderful package today. Jellybean got it out of our mailbox when we got home from hip hop. THANK YOU!!! Will post about it tomorrow. Love you. Hugs, Stef.

Araignee said...

1. Pickles for me too! Homemade salsa is good too though...
2. Good question. I think you've got the right idea. Spread the love around.
3. Webs weekly deals are pretty good.
4. I just had to buy new myself. Got tired of doing laundry all the time. Buy new.
5. I'm a big fan of bag salad kits. I also like to open a can of refried beans and make microwave tacos on soft shells.
6. Dunno...the man was full of wisdom and I loved him so but I can't remember a thing anymore.
7. Never knit with linen. I bought a linen dress once and I hated the wrinkly thing.
8. I think it sounds lovely but you've got to work some bling in there.
9. We've just got Comcast here and I HATE it.
10. I don't know what's making all that racket out there. Cicadas? Frogs? Not sure but I like it. I wish I had a screened in porch so I could sit and knit and listen.

karen said...

we had NO electricity yesterday for four hours and so I could not cook....we had cold sandwiches, veggies and hummus and some rice chips. Sorry that's the best I can do. I would love pickles please :)

Amy at love made my home said...

1. Yes please. As in both!
2. Yes. Spread it around and have some to hand for travel and home.
3. Don't know!
4. Buy more. Good to be prepared and you don't want to be caught short.
5. Salad and some posh cheese.
6. Don't know who Fred is!
7. I don't have any. I have heard it softens up with blocking.
8. No, very pretty! Just make sure it has a lot of space for Father Christmas to leave goodies!
9. We don't have cable!
10. It seems that it is currently the fan going, or the child next door bouncing on their trampoline...

Wanderingcatstudio said...

When its really hot, and I dont want to heat up the house with the oven, I use the slow cooker. I throw a couple chicken breasts in and slow roast them. They go great on a nice salad. But you can also do pulled pork on a bun, which is perfect for summer!

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