Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Just Looking

Waking up slow here today.  (Well everyday)  Here's some fun stuff out there in the knit world.  
These are the Rush hour mitts from Knitpicks.com
Don't they look like they'd stay on so snugly?

Tincanknits.com has this apple pie hat pattern.  I'm kind of crazy about it. 

My pal Karen is knitting on her leftovers blanket.  I never thought about doing tiny squares. Isn't she good at the color choices?  They look perfect to me. 

Overwhelmingly, you voted for pickles yesterday.
I had a pickle recipe that we loved and then it went all viral that it could make you sick.  We never got sick.  

The heat is really on for most of us in the USA.
Stay cool.  Drink lots of liquids.
Keep your furries cool. 


Katherine said...

Oh I'm a sucker for those mitts. I can't get enough of them. Karen's blanket is so colorful and comfy looking. It makes me want to knit one.

The furries are drinking lots of water and remind me to do the same. We are into 100+ days now and don't go out in it much. Bill is having fits because we have a hard, fast rule--no golf over 90 degrees.

Anonymous said...

That apple pie hat is adorable.

Furry is getting plenty of iced water and had a nice bit of tuna for lunch. He's a HAPPY furry!

Tired Teacher said...

Love the mitts, and yes, they do look like they would stay in place.

Pickles are fun to make.

A hot wind has been howling here in the afternoon - drying everything out.

Teresa Kasner said...

I love that hat.. it looks like it would be very hard to make.. but the basket weave pattern is amazing. I hope you do one. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Suburban prep said...

Oh it is warm and well the doctor told me to lay off the knitting for a bit because of the tendonitis or Carpal tunnel issue I have been having. UGH. Going thru withdrawal but vicariously living thru others.

Amy at love made my home said...

Very hot here too!

Caffeine Girl said...

I understand that I am missing a heat wave. Here in Berkeley, it is perfect!
I love that hat. So then I looked up the pattern on Rav. There are a bunch of other great patterns in the book it is from. Must. Have. Book. I'm blaming you for this purchase!

elns said...

That hat is a great pattern and to be perfectly honest Kathy, I can see it on your head. Get to it! Fingerless Mitts are tempting me though ... I see them around a lot lately and they are so practical!

Stay cool. We have been rather lucky out here.


Judy S. said...

Love the hat and the mitts! Are you going to make them? You will need these for Wisconsin winters! Still cool here, but then Seattleites complain when it is in the 80s. Did you ask Caffeine Girl your Cable question? She might have an answer for you.....

Unknown said...

The mitts look good but I love that apple pie hat with all of those criss crosses. Man, it seems I haven't worn a beanie for ages! That used to be my thing. Is your friend, Karen, following one of the Ravelry patterns for her sock/memory blanket?

Araignee said...

I like those mitts!
It is hot here and I'm in bed listening to thunder. Maybe 100 this weekend? Yikes.

Delighted Hands said...

The Apple Pie hat is a winner; good choice!

karen said...

I am seriously considering pulling out my scrap sock blanket and knitting and pretending it's fall. I might just trick myself.!!

Mereknits said...

Lovey knitterly suggestions.

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