Saturday, July 30, 2016

 Good Saturday morning. 
Neighbor flowers. 
Purdy. Everywhere I look is purdy. 

 Current Christmas Sock Pre Felt. 
I know it is a cruddy photo, but that's what you get from me today.  No staging, no nothing.  In the moving mode,
gotta forgive me. 

 Al loved a yarn shop on her way home from Tulsa.
It gave her that yarn delirium. 
It is called Sealed with a Kiss.  Or SWAK. 
She came home with yarn from the Festival and plans to learn brioche. 
Have you done brioche? 

Garage sale score! 
I've been looking for a basket to put my camera in.
4.75 cents thank you very much. 
Attatches to the bike post. 

There were lemonade stands all over the place yesterday. I stopped at two.  

I asked Al if there were lemonade stands in Oklahoma and she said no. The children would die if  they sat outside and tried to sell lemonade for a quarter.  yikes.  Guess its not that hot here. 
But humidity?  Oh we got that!  

Happy Saturday. 
Love me some comments!


Anonymous said...

Great score on the bike tote. That looks like a nice one.

Good luck with the moving preps!

Humidity? Oh yeah! We got that!

Vera said...

Great bike basket! Ultra humid here too. I went to a new (to me) yarn shop this morning - Slip Knot. Small but very nice. I wasn't going to buy, but I did...

Kim in Oregon said...

We have a new yarn shop in town too--can't wait to visit it.

Tired Teacher said...

It's fun to find the perfect item at a yard sale - love your bike tote!

Brioche? No, I haven't tried it, but some ladies in the Fiber Guild have made some nice things using the technique.

Araignee said...

We've got the hot and the humidity here and it's making me crazy with a capital C. Nothing pretty here anymore. Everything is moldy and burnt. Ugh.
I love your stockings and can't believe how fast you are cranking them out.
No brioche here. It makes my head hurt reading the directions.

Teresa Kasner said...

If I were moving I would probably die with all the stuff I have. I think I'll stay put until the end. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

We've got humidity too! Boo!

Betsy said...

That bike basket was a great find. You are on a roll with those socks. And brioche? I haven't tried it but have been seeing it a lot on podcasts. I may have to try it sometime. It's been hot here but no humidity. We have had strong winds today and there's a wildfire burning somewhere close by, I just don't know where.

Delighted Hands said...

Wow, another stocking; good work! It is another pretty one for sure!
I love Brioche-once you get it, it is awesome! I like it in the round and flat. Go for Al!

Unknown said...

We don't see lemonade stands around here either. Only once in SF a boy was selling lemonade. Didn't trust how it was made but I gave him $10 as he was donating some of his proceeds to a charity.

Judy S. said...

Not humid here and the sun's been out for a whole week with more sunny days promised! As for Brioche, I tried it but decided it's class material; it seems complex.

Mrs. Micawber said...

Nice basket!

Strange - we had clear, almost fall-like weather yesterday. The sun was hot but the shade was pretty cool, if you know what I mean. And the sky was a deep clear blue.

My sister introduced me to a new yarn store the other day. It's a good thing I don't live near any yarn stores. :)

Caffeine Girl said...

Great camera carrier!
Humid here. It does bring out the curl in my hair, though, so I have mixed feelings about it.
Tried brioche twice at classes. Still can't do it. But I have faith in Al!

karen said...

nice camera basket! I think your photo looks pretty darn good, so no worries. I had technical difficulties yesterday and I THINK I fixed it....we will see :)

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