Friday, July 29, 2016

Al's Knitting in Oklahoma

Hard to believe the little girl whose hair I french braided years ago is living in Oklahoma. 
This kid was forever hugging me and involving me in her life.  Letting me in. 
She still is.  

Yesterday her patient's grandmother was knitting a sock a la Magic loop method.  Within moments she had taught Al. 
This wise woman also said, she's TOE UP all the way.
I can only let my grown girl go knowing there are knitters out there everywhere.  
Good Folk.  Wool Folk. 
There's also a certain man out there, her Nathan; when you know someone is good for your family, it makes the distance bearable. 

So, Today if the storms let up ,she's going to Tulsa Ok for Christmas in July! 
I told her to take many photos and bring us along-

I also told her to watch for gold wool that felts. 
Not gold colored but sparkly gold. 
Cause you know I want to knit a gold stocking. 

Happy Friday. 
(thanks EVERYOne for prayers to lift my mother up to Heaven. 
Keep them coming) 


Kim in Oregon said...

Prayers for your mom and love for you.

Caffeine Girl said...

Oklahoma sounds really far away, but on the map you posted it doesn't look that bad. It is hard when they are away, but that isn't anything you don't already know well!

Judy S. said...

Hugs to you, Kathy! Did you know I was born in Tulsa?

Araignee said...

Please let your mom take my dad with her. I ask my mom everyday to come and get him but I think she is enjoying her time in heaven without him. He was not exactly easy to get along with. I imagine her sitting up there laughing at all the grief he is causing and saying "I told you so".
I love your attitude with Daughter being so far away. I'm still not feeling it for Son who is way up in Michigan. At least now his lady friend has joined him and they bought a house so he is not alone. I miss him so much though.

Tired Teacher said...

I'll add to your phrase: " Food Folk - Wool Folk" and say, "Good Folk - Quilting Folk"

Prayers headed your way for you and your Mom. When God reaches down, she will take His hand.

Delighted Hands said...

My daughter, my heart, lives in Atlanta-8 hours away; it is bearable because I know she is so happy and her life is just where she is supposed to be. I thank God for the technology that lets me still laugh, grow and share all the ups and downs of life with her. (And we Skype knitting's awesome! lol)
I say all that to say-yes, you can let go knowing she is always tucked right in your heart where she belongs and your love is big enough to let her go and grow, too!

Teresa Kasner said...

Tell your daughter that she's in my home state. I was born in Watonga OK. Great people there. I am taking my sock yarn and needles to camp with me to begin them. I might have to find an easy toe up pattern. Tell us more about your new house. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Unknown said...

Your daughter is so amazingly adventurous and independent. I've always stayed close to my mama. How awesome to meet another knitter and to learn a technique? What a bonus.

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