Monday Meme!!! June 6th 2016

 This is a shaved dessert from the Snow Dragon.
1. Do you prefer:
frozen custard
hardpack ice cream
soft serve ice cream
Shaved ice 
this Shaved dessert that isn't just ice, its sort of milky?
I LOVE this  Dragon Snow shaved dessert !

2. Of all the colors of the rainbow, which is your favorite? 
I love the indigo.  This is a free Ravelry pattern: Rainbow Paws scarf by Kristin K. 

3. How do you keep your sock needles together? 
I like these knitters pride tubes.   But 3 for 9.50?
My sock needles are not grouped together.  I have to go sizing and hunting with each double point adventure.
I've been known to knit with 3- 2s and a 3 if need be. 
I know that's so amateur....but I've done it
4. This is Koigu.  
If you could run through a knit shop and pull as much of ONE yarn as you could carry, what would it be?
It might be all Koigu for me. 

5. This is the Francesca Shawl. 
I'm so over shawls. 
Yes it is beautiful, no denying that one.
I just don't want anything to do with wearing one. 
They look so awesome on others...just not me.
Are you over shawls? 

My Peonies are in bloom. 
Usually they need the ants to help open them.
That's what my mom said.
Do your peonies open with or without ants?

7. As a young girl I loved the book Charlotte's Web. 
I also loved: James and the Giant Peach
Snowbound with Betsy.
Want to share your favorites? 

Al is knitting BONNY. 
This lace shell is so pretty!
She can't wait to get past the stockinette.
I love stockinette. 
Is it nothing but boring to you to knit stockinette? 
or do you love it like me?

Are you more likely to get up early in summer or winter?
Summer for sure.  I almost don't mind getting out of bed!

If you are disappointed with the way a yarn pooling  is working up,
do you:
a. Carry on
b. Mix it with a complimentary color
c. overdye it
d. give it away

I try to alternate it with a complimentary color in rows as in a Trap scarf . 

Happy Monday MEME thanks for reading and playing along whether here or at your blog! 


Tired Teacher said…
1. Definitely soft serve
2. Blue
3. I use circulars for socks, so I organize them with my other circs by size.
4. Medeline Tosh
5. I wear shawls at home during the winter and occasionally in public.
6. No peonies in my yard, but I love them
7. Too many titles to list
8. Yes, I love to knit stockinette, especially in the round.
9. Summer - the early light wakes me up easily in the summer and always has.
10. If a yarn pools, I just carry on and let it do its thing.
Vera said…
1. Oh dear, like them all, but will go with soft serve
2. Blue
3. In the original cases they came in (so I know the size - lol). Not real organized.
4. Miss Babs
5. I wear shawls at home all the time...and sometimes at work. love them.
6. Ants all over them.
7. Stuart Little, the Nancy Drew mysteries, anything by Beverly Cleary and, of course, Charlotte's Web.
8. Stockinette doesn't bother me, but I have almost fallen asleep knitting it.
9. Summer (winter I don't want to get out from under the covers)
10. I don't think I have knit enough for it to be a problem.
Katherine said…
I love your Monday memes!
1. I don't eat ice cream. My dad didn't like it so we never had it in the house when I was growing up. I was left with a completely blah feeling about ice cream.
2. Orange is my favorite color and I love that scarf. It would be a great project!
3. I keep DPNs in separate plastic bags, divided by size. I once knit the parts of a sweater on two straights and discovered when I finished that one needle was a 7 and the other an 8. I was okay anyway.
4. Give me Malabrigo--lots and lots of Malabrigo.
5. I was over shawls many years ago. I don't think I have knit one in the last 5 years. I did knit a straight, rectangular wrap last year for a friend having chemo.
6. I don't have any peonies but we have lots of ants. Here in Texas we fight them year round.
7. I was a Nancy Drew youth. Truth be told, I could still read Nancy Drew and enjoy the experience. I'm a kid at heart!
8. I know how Al feels, the stockinette stitch on my 2016 sweater, which is knit in the round, is getting to be almost too much boredom.
9. I rise early everyday summer or winter. For some reason my internal clock will not let me sleep-in. Ever.
10. I love unique pooling and have never been disappointed by it. When I get muddy pooling and odd colors close to each other I think that the yarn has done what it was meant to do.
Betsy said…
1. Soft Serve
2. Purple
3. I made a DPN holder with slots for each size needles.
4. I love most yarns, but do enjoy using most of the Knitpicks yarns I've using.
5. I use the smaller shawls under my winter coats almost like a scarf. I love to make shawls as gifts though.
6. Love peonies. We used to have them when I was growing up and now we have them at the lake. They always have ants crawling on them.
7.I loved to read. Everything. Little House on the Prairie, Nancy Drew, Boxcar Children, mysteries. There wasn't much I wouldn't read.
8, I enjoy stockinette on round needles. Easy T.V. knitting. When it's back and forth with purling, I don't enjoy it as much.
9. I'm usually awake early in the summer.
10. I like to see the pattern that develops with pooling yarn.

Araignee said…
1. Snow Cone (shaved ice) for me please. Root beer flavor.
3. I use the blue and yellow tubes just like that from Knit Picks.
4. Lopi. Love me some Lopi when it's cold.
5. No. I still spin for them, knit them, and sometimes wear them when I am feeling whimsical.
6. I've heard that about the ants but I don't have any anymore to test it.
7. The Little House series, everything by Eleanor Estes
8. Still love it after all these years,
9. I have lots of cats. I am ALWAYS up early. :(
10. Depends where it's pooling and on what. I like it sometimes and have to fix it by reknitting with another needles size sometimes.
Anonymous said…
Time to play!
1. I love good ol' standard ice cream.
2. I do love indigo, but I'm going to have to go with blue.
3. I have my very first, needle roll holder by Della Q that my mum bought for me when I had first started knitting. I store my DPNs in that. For my circulars, I have them grouped by size in small, Ziplocs that are all in a memory box my sorority sister gave to me long ago.
4. I think I'd run out with Malabrigo or Madelinetosh.
5. Yeah, I really can't sum up over the top enthusiasm for shawls. I hardly wear The Rococo Shawl or Hitchhiker.
6. I hope to have peonies one day.
7. Hmmm, I guess I'm going to have to say my Beverly Cleary books and Anne of Avonlea series.
8. I like stockinette because then I can multitask.
9. I'd get up early in winter because we have school then.
10. I never had bad feelings toward pooling.
Teresa Kasner said…
1. Do you prefer: HARD ICE CREAM.
2. Of all the colors of the rainbow, which is your favorite? MAGENTA.
3. How do you keep your sock needles together? IN MY NEEDLE ROLL.
5. Are you over shawls? WHAT?????? THEY ARE MY FAVORITE THING TO MAKE AND WEAR. HMPH! :-)
6. Do your peonies open with or without ants? ONLY HAVE ONE, NEW, WILL TELL YOU NEXT YEAR.
7. As a young girl what was your favorite books? NANCY DREW.
8. Stockinette - do you love it like me? I LIKE IT.
9.Are you more likely to get up early in summer or winter? SUMMER.
10. If you are disappointed with the way a yarn pooling is working up,do you: a. Carry onb. Mix it with a complimentary colorc. overdye itd. give it away I DON'T USE VARIEGATE YARN MUCH DUE TO THE NON-CONTROL OF HOW THE COLORS GO.
KSD said…
Love, LOVE the pigs' portrait!
Anonymous said…
Omg! It's Friday and I haven't done the Monday Meme yet! I better get cracking!

1. All of the above. LOL I want it all!
2. Indigo
3. When they're not in use they're in their original packs hidden away from the Hooligans!
4. knit picks are nice
5. I'm into ponchos at the moment.
6. I hate ants on or off peonies!!! Just hate them!
7. Charlottes Web, Little House and many more
8. I love it....especially in the round on my circulars!
9. I only get up early if I have to....I'm not a morning person.
10. Carry on! Takes more than that to make me frog.

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