Friday, June 17, 2016


Ohhhh  this could be very fun.  Today is Friday, June 17. Allison is currently going to a knit shop in Norman, Oklahoma. (I believe our storm prediction center is in Norman)  She is looking at yarns. Allison saw a very fun I cord bracelet, free Ravelry pattern:

She said she felt this was a much nicer yarn store than the one in Oklahoma City, however, they charge two dollars a skein to wind yarn which offended her. 
As for me, I need to look up the knitted knot bracelet which is a free because I'm all about knitting jewelry right now. 
 I am really liking dictating this post who knew?  I just learned how to dicatate.  

It is absolutely beautiful on the porch right now.  Fireman is at a Cubs game. He gets to see Jake Arietta pitch today.

I must say that my hummingbird female seems to be coming on the hot and humid days to drink from our hummingbird feeder her.  

Finally,  I had so much fun going to the theater yesterday and watching the movie the Jungle Book. The remake of this story is  quite good.  The movie making is phenomenal. Scenery worth the big screen price for sure. 
(not my photo) 

I do think this film might frighten the very young, say under 5.  The animals are extremely realistic and I imagine my kids at that age being upset at times.  

I'm a huge Bill Murray fan and he plays Baloo to perfection. 

They did include two songs from the cartoon movie and I'm so glad  they did.   

Have you seen a good movie lately?


Christine N said...

That is a really neat bracelet! The Jungle Book remake sounds good... I'll have to recommend it to the family the next time have a chance to go out.

Unknown said...

The last great movie I saw was Zootopia in late March. The girls had the day off and it was my husband and I's anniversary. We need to see The Jungle Book and my girls want to see Alice in Wonderland.

Tired Teacher said...

I don't go to movie theaters often - never have for some reason, but I do like their A/C and popcorn on hot days.

An extra $2 a hank to wind a ball/cake is ridiculous. It should be a service they offer their customers free.

Anonymous said...

The bracelet is kind of interesting. I'd love to see one you made.

$2.00 to wind seems a bit excessive if you bought the yarn in the shop. I thought that was a service most shops offered free.

Teresa Kasner said...

I guess I'm a rube.. I never thought of asking a yarn shop to wind my yarn for me.. but then again.. I like doing it myself. I'm kind of an earth mother that way.. plus Dayle holds the yarn for me. He's kind of.. oh for reals.. he doesn't love it. :-) Have a great weekend! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Delighted Hands said...

Fun knitted bracelet! I think the $2 to wind would be for people who bring their yarn in to wind, not for those who purchase yarn there. Right?!
Not much of a movie goer-last one was the last Hobbit movie! lol
I'm glad you enjoyed the Jungle Book, though!

Betsy said...

The knitted bracelet is really cute. I haven't been to a movie in years. We just much prefer to wait and watch things in the comfort of home. $2.00 to wind yarn?! I've never had anyone charge me if it was bought in the shop. Maybe it was bought elsewhere? I finally have my own swift and I've had a ballwinder for several years so I just wind my own now. Have a great weekend!

Mereknits said...

Love that bracelet. I always wind my own yarn, and now even with a yarn winder I wind it into a ball, I feel I get to know it that way.

Judy S. said...

Fun bracelet! Did you find the pattern? We really enjoyed the movie Brooklyn; I read the book then but it's a little different. There's a yarn shop in Tulsa I'd love to visit; did you know I was born in Tulsa? (long ago!)

Gracie Saylor said...

I think I could make that bracelet! Thanks for sharing the photo, Kathy b. $2.00 to wind yarn seems extreme to me, too! I was given a ball winder, but I really appreciate my center pull hand wound balls of yarn more than the ball winder ones. I have wanted a swift but not been willing to pay for one so have done all sorts of stunts like sitting in a recliner with my sock covered toes pointed toward heaven holding my yarn while I wind up a center pull ball of yarn :) xx

Araignee said...

I just watched Dad an old movie on Retro with Jack Lemmon. I was shocked at how much it mirrored my experience with Daddio's descent into dementia. The hospital scenes were almost word for word. Scary movie.

karen said...

we rarely go to the movies anymore so I cannot remember the last one, might be a Harry Potter?? I am all up for yarn stores anywhere anyhow! people should wind yarn for free if bought at the shop and if not well I guess a tiny fee is okay... however, I'd wind it to give excellent customer service (and probably go out of business....)

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