Friday, June 03, 2016

A Book Finish, A Sock Start

I've started a new pair of socks. 
As soon as I got the cast on to the needles I felt this zen like wave come over me. 
Ahhhh Socks, I love thee.  
The yarn is a gift from the sweet Kim of Handeye Crafts.

The book was wonderful. 
Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher.
The story of one magnificent American photographer whose life work gave us the faces of Native Americans to treasure. 

I prefer Non fiction.  I have only one complaint about the book. I wish it had more photos of his photos!
His collection finally made its way to the Library of Congress. 
Oh, he is Edward Curtis.  The photographer that is. 

Off to have lunch with a dear retired nurse pal and her husband. 
Thanks for the wishes for AL, she is nearly there! 

What are you reading and knitting?


Caffeine Girl said...

I love that book, too! More pictures would have been good, but at least there were enough to give the reader a flavor of his work.
I read in a comment somewhere that you are going to try to get up to northern Wisconsin this summer. Consider yourself invited for a stop in Madison!

KSD said...

I prefer non-fiction, too. A novel has to be pretty good to keep me interested.

The yarn is knitting up nicely! I cast on a pair of socks last night, too. Great minds!

Unknown said...

What a great book you're reading. My little one took a field trip to an adult school that houses the Native American Studies project. We met the knowledgeable curator and had a great tour of the museum. It was so interesting to learn about different tribes and the many areas of the country they come from. I'm trying to get through The Forgotten Room. I like it but I find myself revving to get moving through it. I've only been reading at night. Knitting the usual suspects. I'm tempted to CO another pair for myself b/c of future plans and another baby hat.

Suburban prep said...

it is a gorgeous day so I hope that you are enjoying it at lunch.
I am trying to get a little blanket finished before my niece's 5th birthday. She loves pink.
I also picked up a few balls and skeins of yarn when THree bags had their sale and well I am trying to get some of that finished as well.

Araignee said...

I've been knitting my Miss Babs socks today and am listening to another of the #1 Ladies Detective Agency books while I do it. All that sad news about the zoo gorilla made me want to read about Africa this week.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I'm still working away on Dave's socks. I'm re-reading the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs (my fav author) - it's urban fantasy/horror

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Sounds like an interesting book. Lovely sock yarn.

Teresa Kasner said...

I'm familiar with Curtis' photos, they are wonderful. I will keep your daughter in my good thoughts for that trip. Please let us know when she arrives safely. Your poncho turned out gorgeous!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Tired Teacher said...

During the summer, I prefer "fluff" books, and currently I'm reader Cold Fear on my kindle. I have socks on the needles, but haven't knit in over a week. I also have a stalled Hitchhiker shawl in the works.

Betsy said...

Love the yarn you've chosen and the book looks very interesting. I hope your weekend is wonderful my friend.

Delighted Hands said...

There is such a thrill for the new socks on the needles-good for you!

Anonymous said...

I just finished The Bridge Ladies and loved it! If you see a copy, pick it up and check it out. Ab fab! as for knitting - the Rheinlust Shawl is moving right along. Beautiful yarn!

Judy S. said...

Interesting about the book. Curtis was my mom's maiden name! I am reading The Devil in White City which is about the 1890 world fair in Chicago. I just learned that the first Ferris wheel was there as was the building which is now the Museum of Science and Industry. The devil is the serial killer that was on the loose at the same time....all true. I've read two other books by the author, both nonfiction and both very interesting. The author (Erik Larsen) is from Seattle!

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