Socks Socks Socks IS that All she knits?

Sock finish.  
Dream in Color Smooshy in Some Summer Sky colorway. 
(Sale skein at my LYS, I paid 18 is for it) 

I went down a needle size for this pair to size 1s. 
This made for 8 sts to the inch and it made a sturdy sock.
I did feel, just at times, that I was fighting with the yarn a bit.
As in when I was working the gusset. 

Maybe that's not explaining it right. 
I didn't have that smoothly knitting away feel to it. 
Is that a sign that I should have gone up to 2s?

This is a shot I took of someone in the Smoky Mountains fly fishing. 
Honestly, I couldnt see the image before I shot it. 
The sun was bright and I just put the zoom on all the way and took a random shot aiming near the fisherman.
Dumb luck.   
That's what I mean about how this camera knows how I think. 

There is a bakery in Knoxville called, Magpies.
Oh yum. 
I had to go for Pie's sake you know.

So they sell their cake tops, as Crum bums.
Sort of like selling the muffin top.
You get the cake part. 
I brought some carrot cake crum bum home and frosted it with Cream cheese canned frosting.
The men in the house are loving it. 
Oh and they gave me their store sticker and it is now on my car. 
(Magpie's Bakery all butter all the time. )


Vera said…
Cute socks and love the color. Gussets always make me fight with the yarn! Of course, I always feel like I'm fighting with the first couple of rows of socks too. Yet, socks are what I am knitting constantly these days. Love the Magpie sticker - perfect!
Araignee said…
That sock colorway is gorgeous. I know what you mean about the photo. I have to do that all the time at the beach because of the sun and glare. My camera usually takes better photos than I do!
Mmmmm.....cake tops. I love the crispy edges when it comes right out of the oven.
OMG! Crunb bum with cream cheese frosting sounds GLORIOUS!!! Love the purple and blue color combination in the socks too.
Katherine said…
I am a great believer in all butter all the time!! Beautiful socks and a great picture of the fisherman. I'll bet that water is cold!

Cake tops, yum, yum, yum. Of course, I'll eat anything with cream cheese icing on it.
Hey, there's nothing wrong with knitting all socks ALL the time. And I do love fly fishing!
Tired Teacher said…
Great image of the fly fisherman!

Never heard of crumb bums - but I'll take mine with cream cheese icing, too.
Anonymous said…
Fun socks and good pic of the fisherman. I so wanna peek into that bakery and just inhale.
Teresa Kasner said…
Oh I wish we had a bakery like that in our little town. Nice shot of the fisherman.. and bravo on the sock finish! We leave day after tomorrow for a week at the beach.. wahoo! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)
Anonymous said…
Was your picture taken along the Little River? We saw lots of fly fishermen when we were there.

Magpies sounds like a great place. And, who doesn't love CARROT CAKE????
Caffeine Girl said…
Your trip just keeps on giving! That's how you know it was awesome!
I almost always knit on 1's. I don't know if you should have gone up to 2's, especially since DIC is usually a dream to knit with. What a bargain you got on that!
Judy S. said…
Nice photos! Love the socks, and what's more you finish the second one!!!
AsKatKnits said…
The bakery sounds delicious! And, your fisherman photo is excellent! And, as for the socks - the fabric does not look stiff like you would expect by knitting at a too small gauge for the yarn. I think the socks look beautiful - and I almost always knit socks at a bit of a smaller than suggested gauge - they wear better.
Delighted Hands said…
If I cover anything with cream cheese frosting it's delicious! I probably would have gone up a needle size but once your are done, you will have a long-lasting pair of socks so it's all good!
Janet said…
What a great photo! Love the socks and the soft colors in the yarn.

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