Monday, April 25, 2016

MONDAY MEME .......I'm going to question you!

(My feather and fan blanket would make a nice curtain eh? I worked on it this weekend)

Happy Monday MEME day. 
Hope you enjoy .
Play along!

Have you washed your winter woolens and put them away?
(oh yes.  Just this weekend. )

What do you wash your wools and knits in ?
(I used Eucalan but it is a no rinse and I had to rinse anyhow
I usually am one to skip any step possible, but I can't wrap my head around no rinse...)

Do you have a favorite iced beverage in the warmer months? 
(I do love a passion tea from Starbucks) 

Would you consider yourself or a family member in your house to be a nosey neighbor?

(Sigh.  I think we both are nosey.  But Fireman gets the prize here.
We have lived here so long that we have seen houses torn down and  rebuilt.  We are so close to other houses it is hard not to wonder what the heck is going on over there.  


Time when you were so hungry you ate something and thought it was amazing, when you knew it wasn't. 

(I canoed down the Chicago River on New Years.
It was freezing and iced over in spots.
A friend handed me a LUNA lemon bar 3 hours into the haul.
It tasted so amazing. 
I've tried them since....and now I know, it was the hunger talkin!

I read that department stores are going to have to close many sites.
I'm guilty, I order by mail.
Is there a store you would really miss if it closed a building but stayed open on line?

Honestly the only thing I'd miss is a DSW shoe store. 
I have to try shoes on before I buy them.
From a emotional perspective, my mom loved Marshall Fields in Chicago and we were sad to see it go. 
I remember running between the clothes racks with my sister and getting the stink eye from my mom there many a time. 

What was your most recent purchase related to knitting?

I scored a Fat Squirrel sock bag on Friday night at 8pm.
She makes beautiful bags for projects and I want to support her. 
She makes me laugh......I find her so funny.


Do you use a row counter?

Sigh. I've tried but I don't remember to click it ...
So I use a pen and paper and I cross off rows. 

What is the main color of the current project you are devoting your precious knit time to:

Purples and pinks in a sock I just cast on.  


What is the shortest and longest your hair has ever been?

Longest: Grew it to donate in 2006.  
I think it was several inches past my shoulders.

Right now.  
I had it cut super short last week. 
It sure is fun. 
Fireman says its cute. 
My husband knows to give any haircut a compliment around here! 
I do think it is cute and sassy.....
Dee it is as short as yours! 


Suburban prep said...

I like a cold Hint water. it is flavored water without calories but so thirst quenching. I think I am addicted to the watermelon ones.
I like to have my hair at least be able to be pulled back into a pony tail. I have thick wavy hair so in the humidity of the Midwest it needs to have some control with the ponytail.

Katherine said...
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kathy b said...

Im sorry if there were issues with comments ! Please try again. I went back to the old format. Teresa thanks for letting me know there was a n issue!

Teresa Kasner said...

*1 Have you washed your winter woolens and put them away? NOPE.. IN OREGON I USE THEM ALL YEAR! :-)
*2 What do you wash your wools and knits in ? WARM WATER IN THE SINK WITH A BIT OF DISH DETERGENT.
*3 Do you have a favorite iced beverage in the warmer months?  ICED TEA.
*4 Would you consider yourself or a family member in your house to be a nosey neighbor? WE'RE ALL NOSY IN MY FAMILY. :-)
*5 Time when you were so hungry you ate something and thought it was amazing, when you knew it wasn't.  I WENT ON A 3 MONTH LIQUID DIET.. THAT FIRST MEAL AFTERWARDS WAS DELICIOUS.
*6 I read that department stores are going to have to close many sites. I HAVE TO TRY ON CLOTHES AND SHOES, BUT I SHOP IN SMALL SHOPS, NOT DEPARTMENT STORES.
*7 What was your most recent purchase related to knitting? VINTAGE FAUX TORTOISE SHELL KNITTING NEEDLES OFF EBAY.
*8 Do you use a row counter? NO BUT I GUESS I NEED ONE.. LOL.
*9 What is the main color of the current project you are devoting your precious knit time to. LIME GREEN TO RASPBERRY PINK IN A HITCHHIKER SHAWL.
*10 What is the shortest and longest your hair has ever been? LONGEST TO MY WAIST, SHORTEST WAS A MULLET IN THE 70S. :-)

Anonymous said...

That WOULD make a good curtain. In one of the Mason/Dixon books they have a curtain pattern that you knit with Euroflax. I always thought I might make that for my kitchen.

kathy b said...


Oh Vinatage faux tortoise shell knitting needles! I want some too!
Lime green and raspberry pink...great combo!
ANd I had a mullet in the 80s!

Unknown said...

Hi Kathy, what about trying an audiobook while knitting? That way you'll kill two birds with one stone? :O)
Time to play...
1. I haven't had to wash my winter FO's but I do need to wash a few pairs of handknit socks. It's warming up this week so I need to remember to do this.
2. Eucalan; love it.
3. Filtered water with ice, pls.
4. I am a bit nosey. One neighbor has friends living with him while his wife is working on the east coast. There are at least six cars. I wonder how many ppl are actually living there and don't they get sick of each other in their space?
5. Can't think of a time, I'm afraid.
6. I used to shop online a lot but now I have to try on clothes in person. I guess I would miss any mall that carried any of my stores. I don't shop in big, department stores unless Target counts as one?
7. I bought 2 skeins of Cascade 128 from WEBS but b/c I need it to for my Idle-Plummy-Wood. I'm currently tracking down some Arne & Carlos. So many ppl are knitting with it; I want some for Mother's Day.
8. Yes, I use a row counter app. I love one particular one I used free on Android but now I'm back to iPhone so I paid $0.99 for it and the developer doesn't want to continue it for iPhone b/c of issues with programming for that format and stuff; I was slightly annoyed. But I found a free one called Stitch Counter and I love it b/c I'm a knitter who creates multiple counters for one project.
9. I got three going on that I'm rotating; the colors are dark plum, Venetian/a deep fushia/magenta, and a mix of blues & purples.
10. Girl, I've had all lengths but the shortest I've had was a pixie cut, a style that I'm debating on whether to return to that just for the summer and the longes was several inches past my shoulders but that was when I was in elementary school.

kathy b said...

Ohhh Stef, I will find the Stitch Counter app and take a peek at it.
Thank you for being nosey too
Haven't heard the Arne and Carlos yarn.....I'm always late to the party. must check it out!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair shaved on the side! Your bravado made me cut mine short!

Araignee said...

Thank goodness the comments are fixed! I thought I was going to have to sit out this meme.
1. Mine are all packed away-except for my MDSW shawl.
2. I only washed the socks and I used my handmade soap with lavender and lanolin.
3. Just water for me-with lots of ice. I do like a gin and tonic from time to time though.
4. The Mister is the world's worst. He has to know about everything. I could care less about what the neighbors are up to.
5. Cold pizza. I always think it is better than it is.
6. I HATE to shop in real stores anymore. I order everything online. Shame on me but I'm old and it's easier.
7. The yarn for your swap.
8. No. I never remember. If it's that important I use those stitch marker pin things.
9. Gray. Ugh.
10. Funny you should hair is sooooo long right now because I let it grow all year so I wouldn't have to wear a wig for my part as the witch. Next week is our last show so off it goes. I can't wait!

elns said...

Haha! Feather and fan curtains ... definitely could work.
Happy Monday MEME day. Hope you enjoy . Play along!
*1 In this neck of the woods, I don't have to wash a bunch of wool and put it away. I have a few favorite sweaters that get less wear in the warm months, but I usually send them off to the dry cleaners it's just 2, really.

*2 I wash my wool knit accessories with Eucalen. No rinse and try REALLY hard not to wring them out.

*3 Do you have a favorite iced beverage in the warmer months? I used to be bonkers for an Arnold Palmer, but lately I've been either iced coffee or raspberry lemonade. total opposites, right?

*4 Would you consider yourself or a family member in your house to be a nosey neighbor?
Yes. I am the nosey neighbor. The Kid is nosey only for the super fluffy orange calico neighbor cat. He sees we are pleased with him and as soon as he spots us staring at him leaves. Cats!

*5 Time when you were so hungry you ate something and thought it was amazing, when you knew it wasn't. I want to say it's something like a flavored chip. Then I eat it later and the after taste gives me a tummyache.

*6 Any place I have to pay for a return shipping. Also sporting good stores. I love sporting good stores. I know, it's weird.

*7 yarn. because it's evil and speaks to me in this voice that says, YOU NEED ME NOW. hehe. Though it's been a while, so there's less guilt in that!

*8 I use a row counter, but I doubt myself and often do a recount anyhow.

*9 I recently cast on a pair of Yellow and Blue Golden State Warriors socks, because Go Dubs!

*10 I had hair down my back as a kid. I still have longish hair it seems a) the most flattering on me and b) the easiest to maintain since I can't really hairdry. It's partly the way my apartment is and partly because I'm a lazy beast. ha!

In 5th and 6th grade I chopped off my hair. I looked like the original Karate Kid. People often thought I was a boy. shrug.

kathy b said...

Oh Ellen Kind of like Mulan! I love that you chopped off you hair at such a yum, well , hormonal time in your life! ONE BRAVE chick!

FIreman adores sporting good stores. I just wait in the car....
but you are not alone!

Katherine said...

Goody the Monday meme!
1. I have put my knits away--about two weeks ago and it immediately got cold again.
2. I use Eucalan and love the no rinse quality of it. I believe it extends the life of my knits.
3. I like to mix Tazo Calm and good old fashioned Constant Comment teas.
4. I love my neighbors but don't become involved in their lives. I look next door and I don't want to know!
5. My rule is that I only eat it if it is truly amazing. The problem is that I find so many foods to be truly amazing.
6. Close the mall but don't close Walmart!! I'm there at least 3 times a week. All my other shopping is done online.
7. I just bought 12 skeins of Knit Picks Swish worsted for this year's sweater.
8. I use my phone app from time to time. I think I have a row counter but I don't know where it is.
9. I am working with hunter green with a touch of lime. Pretty!
10. When I was a teen my hair was half-way down my back. At 21 I had it cut in a short bob and when I had the $65,000 haircut (craniotomy) it has been pixie cut since then. I no longer have the courage to go through the growing-out process.
Love your memes Kathy!!

kathy b said...

The 65000 dollar hair cut.....leading to a pixie on you that I LOVE. I Love your hair.
I have heard such good things about KNit picks Swish!

The Well Fed Wheel said...

1, yes
2. A mild soap with lavender
3. Plain old H20 with tons of ice
4. There's so much going on in mine that I never have time to worry about the neighbors.
5. I ate way to many jelly beans once and I'll never do that again!!!!
6. Online. It's just so much easier.
7. The Knit Picks yarn ball winder. My old one broke it's little arm!
8. Yes but I'm going to have to check out these phone apps everyone's talking about.
9. I'm working on that sock yarn blanket with every color imagineable
10. It use to be very long but I cut it to a bob upon moving to this warmer climate

Vera said...

1. No – keeping them out since we are heading to Maine in June and I will need some warm stuff.
2. Eucalan or some mild stuff faintly scented with lavender.
3. Iced Coffee or a mojito
4. Oh yeah, I am definitely nosy and my hubby is a little bit.
5. Unfortunately it all tastes good/amazing to me. It’s a problem….
6. I miss the older department stores that are no more – for Phila. Area that would be Strawbridges and Wanamakers. I don’t go to malls at all, but I do some strip centers where there is a DSW, a Home Goods, etc. I do shop on line quite a bit. It’s a problem….
7. Some Arne & Carlos yarn and some Miss Babs for the Mick Jagged shawl that you talked me into Kathy!
8. I usually forget to click. I’m a pencil and paper kind of gal.
9. Black with flecks of grey. First pair of socks I’m knitting for my hubby.
10. Longest – almost to my waist. Shortest – pixie. Now – in the growing out stage (yuck). I grow it really long then chop it all off. When it’s long I get tired of always pulling it back (and getting headaches). When it’s short I get bored that I can’t do anything with it. Flip-flop-flip-flop.

Amy at love made my home said...

I always enjoy reading your questions and answers!

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