Monday Funday Another MEME

This is Chris my guest on the blog.  Holding my sock knitting at a Brewpub in Knoxville. 

Now for some Meme fun: 

1. What's the most you would pay for a skein of sock yarn? 

2. What part of a pattern intimidates you? 

3. What is the most delicious thing you have eaten lately?

4. If you had the grave misfortune of being in a fire, would you grab your stash or your FO's?

5. What is a big compromise in one of your relationships?
(sshhhhh you can tell us!) 

6. Do you bathe your pets?

7. Have you ever been bitten by your pet?

8. How do you deal with pooling colors?

9. Have you knit a Christmas or Holiday gift for 2016?

10. Do you enjoy Monday Memes?

My answers:

1. The most I would pay for a single skein of sock yarn would be 30 dollars and I'd be wincing as I paid.
I prefer to get a good 400 yards for somewhere in the 26.00 to 16.00 range.  
Now I know that you get much more than a pair of gorgeous hand knit socks for that price.  I know I get the pleasure of knitting them and that is worth far more. 
But relatively speaking, I'd rather pay less or get it on sale.
But then again, I rarely drink and it seems the price of a beer is up to about 7 dollars when you go out.  I justify my yarn as 3 beers...

2. The part of a pattern that intimidates me....
is there just one?  There are lots. 
However, the real put off for me right now is short rows. 
I better get over it. There are so many gorgeous short row shawls......
(I short row sock heel turns....I should be able to master this) 
Oh and graphs.....not into those lace charts
Amazed  by all of you who love them!

3. The most delicious thing of late:
Banana pudding in Knoxville. 
What's up with their banana puddings? 
They are nothing like any banana pudding I've had in the Land of old Lincoln. 

4. The firey question: I'd grab stash. 
I'm all about looking forward in life .....perhaps this is a comment on my FOs.  Hmmmmmm.   

5. A big old compromise between Fireman and I is the dog thing. 
Somedays I want a dog again.  Fireman does not. 
He's a perfectionist.  Dogs take time and effort and ongoing training.
We don't do well with chewing and mouthing and poor recall and anything less than Huck's perfect behaviour. 
I hear folks at the shelter all the time say 
things that we would never put up with. 
I really think Fireman just wants to be able to travel without a hassle.  
Did I mention I'd want two dogs?

6. I bathe the cats on occasion. Today was Tank's turn. 
It is a two human job.  Gotta be fast. 
Gotta be gentle but firm. 

7. Bites.  Oh my.  Well yes but there were circumstances. 
Huck never bit anyone. 
Misha our sheltie nipped at heels. 
We just thought she was high strung. 
Little did we know back then that she was a herder. 

Francis the puppy return, bit Zach through the skin and I disliked her from that moment on. 
We have had 7 cats and only one bite. 
Pie bit me hard when I bathed her once. 
Not her fault at all.
When I turned the shower spray on it made a HISSSSS sound and she freaked out and bit me as I held her to bathe. 
She is pretty blind, so I that one was definitely my bad. 

8. How do I deal with pooling colors?
Well I just learned a technique that Fat Squirrel Amy Beth talked about.  I'm going to Purl when I work on a certain color in the mix. 
You let the pooling dictate the stitches....

9. I have knit gifts for 2016 Christmas. 
A few. 
The sock keychains and a shawl. 

10. I love reading your MEME answers. 


Judy S. said…
Love your yarn justification! And the great pooling idea. Have a great day. Are you back home? I hear it's nice weather there.
Katherine said…
1. I have paid $32 for sock yarn, but lately I've discovered the charm of cotton and acrylic for socks.
2. I can never seem to get the underarms of a sweater as smooth as I would like. Then there are short rows. I don't do short rows.
3. A frozen Snickers bar.
4. My in-case-of-fire line up is dogs, laptop, Kindle, current knit project. I used to worry about photos until I downloaded all of ours to an external drive which I keep in a safe deposit box and update once a year.
5. I supply the grandkids with baked goodies and their favorite foods and they call me once a week. One of them tends to get lost but I reel him in with a text, "Fresh baked bread today."
6. With Macy's skin problems the fur-babies get weekly baths. I put on the dog washing outfit (shorts and tank top) put a short stool in the bathtub and get in the tub with the dogs. Then I hand off each one in turn to the official dog dryer. When I'm finished I take off the outfit and shower. Easy peasy!!
7. I once swatted Max's butt and he bit me. So, we have an agreement--I don't smack him and he doesn't bite me.
8. I love naturally pooling colors. I admit I'm crazy in a lot of areas!
9. Yes, fingerless mitts.
10. I love Monday Memes!! I come back a read them through the day. Thanks Kathy!
Vera said…
1. I think I’ve paid $28 or $30…but I don’t like to…try to get yarn on sale, but sometimes you just have to have it.
2. I stopped knitting a tank top from the bottom up when I got to the decreases for the arm holes…I got confused. I need to re-look at the pattern since I’d really like to wear it this summer.
3. Lamb chops grilled by my husband Saturday night. Yum!!
4. Hmmm – after the cat and “important” papers I think stash which I have much more of than finished objects.
5. Well, my husband is a definite pack rat – saves EVERYTHING. I don’t (except for stash). I don’t get crazy about it now (after 36 years of marriage)…just every once in awhile. He lets me rant about it and then it’s over (nothing changes though).
6. Not our current cat. When Maestro was little we bathed her constantly – we raised her from day 1 and she needed bathing early on.
7. Tyg, our current cat, goes for my legs constantly. Not hard – more a playful little nip if I don’t get the food out fast enough.
8. Haven’t had to deal with this – must not be knitting enough!
9. Not yet…need to.
10. Love your Monday Memes Kathy – they are so fun. Thanks!
Tired Teacher said…
1. I all for bargains, but I've paid up to $30 for a skein I really loved.
2. Charts! No charts for me, thank you.
3. Popcorn.
4. Fire? No time to worry about knitting. I'd take myself and possibly my laptop & iPad out of the house ASAP
5. I kindly listen to stories I've heard too many times.
6. No pets, so no bathing here.
7. My nephew's pup bite me once when she was excited - broke the skin a bit, but no real damage. She's matured and no longer feels the need to grab wrists.
8. I just let it do its thing - it's unique and doesn't bother me too much.
9. Not yet
10. It's fun to do the Meme.
Betsy said…
1. What's the most you would pay for a skein of sock yarn? I have paid around $20 but that's my limit. I like Knit Picks Sock yarn which is a Merino/Nylon blend and I get it for around $11.00 for a pair of socks. Not bad at all and heaven to knit with.

2. What part of a pattern intimidates you? Charts. They scare the pants off of me!

3. What is the most delicious thing you have eaten lately? Yesterday I had a crab salad in Portland, OR. It was delicious and hit the spot.

4. If you had the grave misfortune of being in a fire, would you grab your stash or your FO's? Stash. FO's have already been knit which is the entire thing for me...knitting!

5. What is a big compromise in one of your relationships? Hmmmm. Letting my kids know that I appreciate them and understand when they live so far away. It's hard when our friends have children and grandchildren close by and ours are in far off places. They let us know they love us and face-time often so I try to appreciate the things I can.

6. Do you bathe your pets? Yes. My dog Chloe who is a Labrador retriever who is terrified of water. An oxymoron? Yes indeed. She just stands in the tub and shakes and shakes. I always feel terrible for her, but it is a necessity at times.

7. Have you ever been bitten by your pet? Never

8. How do you deal with pooling colors? I think they're pretty and don't try to deal with it at all.

9. Have you knit a Christmas or Holiday gift for 2016? Not yet. I need to start but I'm on my 154 pair of mittens in the past 5 months! 15 or so more pair to go.

10. Do you enjoy Monday Memes? Yes I do! They're lots of fun.

Araignee said…
1. I have paid as much as $30 a skein for good sock yarn. It takes me months to finish a pair so if you break it down it's not too bad.
2. All patterns scare me to death. I am not a good direction follower.
3. Pizza and pineapple upside down cake for The Mister's birthday. I was sick as a dog all night but it was worth it.
4. I wouldn't grab any knitting stuff. I would grab a pet or two or three. It makes me think of the earthquake and the day I had to make that choice. I grabbed dear old doggie and made a run for it.
5. The Mister insists on keeping "his" food in one of my crisper drawers in the fridge. It drives me nuts but you have to choose the hill you want to die on and that's not the one.
6. Good golly yes. All the time. Itchy and scratchy (the dogs) would eat themselves up if I didn't. The cats get a sponge bath to keep the dander down.
7. Herbie kitty bit me when he got outside one day and I cornered him under a neighbor's porch. I had to get a tetanus shot and an antibiotic.
8. Depends. Sometimes I hate them and change needles sizes and reknit the area. Sometimes they work.
9. Nope and I won't. My family is thanks-no thanks with knitted things. I only knit if I am asked for something specific.
10. Sure do. I don't know how you come up with such interesting questions. I love reading everyone's answers and discovering how similar we all are.

Teresa Kasner said…
2. What part of a pattern intimidates you? TURNING THE HEEL.
3. What is the most delicious thing you have eaten lately? CHARDONNAY CHICKEN AT THE COLUMBIA GORGE HOTEL.
4. If you had the grave misfortune of being in a fire, would you grab your stash or your FO's? FO'S.
5. What is a big compromise in one of your relationships? I CAN'T ADMIT IT IN PUBLIC. :-)
6. Do you bathe your pets? OF COURSE.
7. Have you ever been bitten by your pet? A NIP HERE AND THERE OVER 67 YEARS ISN'T BAD. :-)
8. How do you deal with pooling colors? I RARELY USE COLORS THAT POOL.
9. Have you knit a Christmas or Holiday gift for 2016? YOU MUST BE KIDDING. I'M AN ARTIST AND DO EVERYTHING LAST MINUTE. :-)

10. Do you enjoy Monday Memes?
Anonymous said…
1. I guess the most I would pay for a skein of sock yarn is $36. I paid that for each skein of super hero named, self-striping yarn at STITCHES West.
2. Patterns that require you to knit garment parts and then seam scare me. I don't fav them on Ravelry.
3. I'll save this answer in the next What's Cookin' Good Looking post. (゚∇^*)
4. I'd grab my FO's because all that hard, lovely work. I can then buy more yarn, (^v^) hee hee.
5. Hmmm...I guess adhering to the budget in order to stay home.
6. N/A
7. N/A
8. Pooling colors never bothered me.
9. You bet. I got 2 HFO's done.
10. I love your meme Mondays!
KSD said…
The banana pudding was Southern. That's all. Seriously. There's something about Southern banana pudding that nothing else can match.
Anonymous said…
Mahalo nui loa, Kathy, for the love and support. Pls flash your tortilla chips when you make them.
1. Well the most I've paid so far is $30 but I really don't like to limit myself when it comes to yarn
2. complicated charts
3. an ice cream cone at supper
4. all my little hooligans for sure!
5. Well let's see....oh I know......the Gardener tolerates me kind of tolerating all his football watching. :-)
6. Yes!!!! We have frequent spa days!
7. Heavens no! Although I have gotten some dirty looks from time to time. LOL
8. I ignore them?
9. I should be so organized....NOT!
10. I do! It's great fun
karen said…
I try to stay under 28 but if there was THE PERFECT skein, well I'd cough up the money. nothing in a pattern intimidates me, I think I've seen it all. frodo loves to snip and bite but it's all bravado. He doesn't really mean it :)
kathy b said…
Your compromise is mine too. I so wish my daughter would move closer. It is so difficult to feel like family when they are far away. YEt we know they have their own lives and we have to respect that.
I resented the fact that my parents put pressure on me to visit more, come over more, bring the kids more and they lived a mile away! I wanted them to live their own lives. So now I must too!
Patty said…
This is great! And REALLY 2016 Christmas knitting already? WTH? :-)

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