Wednesday, April 20, 2016

It's ALL Good here at Irisheyes

 What a cute idea!
One of the yarn shops in Knoxville died up a skien of yarn and  a onesie at the same time. 
I see a sweater Perpetua over that onesie or a hat and matching baby boots.  
(This is for you wonders who dye your own yarn...
I don't dye my own yarn....yet. 
I do think I've convinced Fireman that I can raise a few dwarf alpaca buns some day....It is a long term goal.....)

 This is the Lover's Knot Infinity Scarf that I made on my way home from Knoxville.  It is just a one row pattern that you do over and over again. 
I used the Local Yarn from Tennessee:  Sheepy Curls Yarn in the Galaxy colorway. 
I have enough left over for another cowl or socks. 
This yarn has amazing spring to it. It is 10% nylon. 

I think I succeeded with this lace pattern because 
a) I knit it as a passenger on a long car trip
b) I didnt put it down and pick it up as much as I would have at home ....otherwise known as  the critical less distraction factor and
c) I got really really  lucky twice when I messed up and miraculously was able to pull back and keep going. 
This almost never happens....

 These are my Daffodils. 
I have enough to cut for the house And enough left to 
make a splash in the garden. 
These are my favorite kind because I love the coral bell with the white leaves.  
I confess I had a minor meltdown yesterday when the sun refused to shine and the winds were off Lake Michigan yet again.  
Oh 40s I am so done with you this Spring.
I went to my LYS and felt much better about the day. 
My LYS can perk me up any time. 
This Sunflower Pillow is going to be a class at my LYS
Three Bags FUll in Northbrook. 
Linda is knitting one up in traditional Sunflower colors too.
I think it is stunning, so I just wanted to throw it in today's mix and show it to you. 

I'm off to read your blogs now. 
And Yes the Cubs are doing fantastic. 
My neighbor who is a Sox fan said, 
"well they better win the Series because they've all but mapped out the parade route" 
THIS is OUR year! 


Delighted Hands said...

What a beautiful array of goodies! The daffodils are incredible; the yarn and onesie is cute, too!

Araignee said...

That onsies idea is brilliant! Your daffodils are beautiful. I have never seen those before.
Knitting + road trip= heaven Welcome home!

Unknown said...

Those daffodils are extraordinary. That onesies and yarn pairing is a great idea.

Tired Teacher said...

Love the inspiration in today's post. No LYS here to provide any ideas, so I love seeing them from other shops.

Anonymous said...

Your cowl is very cute.

Those daffs are amazing! Gorgeous color!

Going to the LYS always cheers me up too!

Janet said...

Love the idea of on sir and matching yarn. Your daffodils are beautiful and so cheerful.

Janet said...

That should say onesie not on sir. Gotta love incorrect autocorrection.

Teresa Kasner said...

That's a very neat onesie and yarn idea.. oh the possibilities! Nice scarf!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Betsy said...

That was very smart of the yarn shop to put the yarn and onesie together. I predict lots of sales in their future! Your cowl turned out very pretty and those daffodils! Oh my goodness they are amazing. Thanks for sharing them with us.

susan said...

Your daffs are just beautiful. I've never seen them in that color - they really make a splash!
What a clever idea that onesie and yarn dyed to match is.
Temps here 60's and even 70 one day and it's making my heart sing. It will be warm in your neck of the woods soon too.

Caffeine Girl said...

That is a great cowl. Uninterrupted knitting does seem to minimize mistakes -- but it can be hard to come by. Keith and I usually share driving, so I don't get as much knitting as I might.
Beautiful daffodils. I love them.

The Well Fed Wheel said...
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