Monday Meme #8 Want to Play Along?

The shrug is moving along.  

 Our Snowdrops are blooming!
 We feed a lot of sparrows....
and Here I am using my snow poles. They really help when its slick. 

Now For Monday Meme:

Name a Favorite:
*space  to knit in

*a favorite commercial running now

*A favorite Disney song

*A favorite Summer Olympic event

*A favorite Charity

*A favorite first sign of spring

*A favorite thing to get in the mail

*A favorite accessory 

*A favorite candy

*A favorite cleaning supply!


kathy b said…
Here are My answers:

Favorite space to knit: My screened porch futon is summer.
Favorite Commercial: The Geico commercial about mom's calling at the worst time ! I love the mom's lines: Your father won't hire an exterminator, he says its personal this time and , Its very loud there , are you taking a zumba class?

Favorite Disney song : Be our Guest from Beauty and the Beast
Favorite Summer Olympic event: Easy. Equestrian! i wish they had more coverage of it all.
Favorite Charity: My animal shelter
Favorite sign of spring in chicago: tulips!
Favorite kind of mail: Yarn in the mail of course
Favorite accessory: scarves of all kinds
Favorite candy: baby ruth
Favorite cleaning supply: Flax soap. Love that wood clean smell!
Delighted Hands said…
Fav space to knit-My recliner
Fav commercial-the one where the young couple name all the things that will never happen and then they say they won't trade their life for anything!
Fav Disney song-one from Bambi about little raindrops
Fav Summer Olympic.....I don't watch!
Fav Charity-Quilts of Valor
Fav sign of Spring-Azaleas
Fav mail-a magazine
Fav accessory-Shawl
Fav Candy-chocolate covered caramels
Fave Cleaning Supply-Greenworks all purpose cleaner
Vera said…
Favorite place to knit: kitchen table
Favorite commercial: Viking River cruises – that’s a cruise I would seriously consider!
Favorite Disney song: it’s been so long since I’ve seen a Disney movie, I can’t think of one
Favorite Summer Olympic Event: women’s floor exercises
Favorite Charity: The Green Mountain Club
Favorite first sign of Spring: Crocus blooming
Favorite thing to get in the mail: yarn!! Or, any box from Amazon
Favorite accessory: Earrings
Favorite candy: Take Five
Favorite cleaning supply: Clorox Wipes
Betsy said…
*space to knit in -my recliner in the trailer at the lake in the summer and in the living room by the fire in the winter.

*a favorite commercial running now-t same Geico commercial Kathy B. Said. I laugh every time. It reminds me of my mom.

*A favorite Disney song-"Let it Go". Because my Granddaughter loves it.

*A favorite Summer Olympic event-I never watch sports.

*A favorite Charity-I have many we give to. I make Lots of baby hats and burial gowns for the local hospital. The local Veterans home. Samaritan's Purse. Eyes That See...too many to name.
*A favorite first sign of spring

*A favorite thing to get in the mail-yarn! Cards.

*A favorite accessory - My head covering.

*A favorite candy-anything chocolate. If it has sea salt, so much the better!

*A favorite cleaning supply!- soft scrub
Caffeine Girl said…
Name a Favorite:
*space to knit in

*a favorite commercial running now

*A favorite Disney song

*A favorite Summer Olympic event

*A favorite Charity: Oxfam

*A favorite first sign of spring: Crocus

*A favorite thing to get in the mail: Books

*A favorite accessory: Zuzu's Petals cowl

*A favorite candy: any dark, high-quality chocolate

*A favorite cleaning supply!: bleach
Teresa Kasner said…
Name a Favorite:
*space to knit in - MY EASY CHAIR IN THE DEN
*a favorite commercial running now - APPLE COMMERCIALS
*A favorite Disney song - "WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR"
*A favorite Summer Olympic event - SWIMMING
*A favorite Charity - RED CROSS
*A favorite first sign of spring - SNOWDROPS
*A favorite thing to get in the mail - ORDERS FROM AMAZON, EBAY AND ETSY
*A favorite accessory - MY CROCHETED SCARVES
*A favorite cleaning supply! - MY DIL
Araignee said…
1. My old comfy chair in the sewing room with the sun shining on me.
2. ? I am always either knitting or playing with my Chromebook during commercials.
3. Let it Go! We did a production program to Be Our Guest years ago. I was a fork.
4. Futbol!
5. Doctors Without Borders. They get $20 a month from me.
6. The sound of songbirds. I heard them yesterday!
7. My new card of the month kit from Simon Says Stamp
8. My lined hat
9. Dots or salt water taffy
10. Windex. I use it on everything. I never put the bottle away.
Just a few answers!

Disney song - let it go, or the circle of life
place to crochet - sitting in my favourite chair with my feet up
Charity - SSAFA, soldiers, sailors, airmens family association, they do incredible work
sign of spring - the flowers coming up and the return of blue skies!

Hope that you are having a good start to your week! xx
Anonymous said…
Answered on my blog.
KSD said…
The shrug is lovely!
Stefanie said…
Okay; I had to open another window to be able to play...

1. I wish I had a cozy space but sadly, I knit in a folding chair at a utility table in our dining area.
2. We don't have cable anymore so the TV isn't usually on unless we watch something from Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon. But when Office Depot used to run those It's My Favorite Time of the Year with a parent happily throwing in school supplies for his frowning children, that made me laugh each time.
3. The one from Mulan when she's not happy with her reflection in the mirror
4. Gymnastics or swimming
5. Halos of Hope
6. Tulips
7. Something I ordered on Amazon
8. An infinity scarf
9. Reese's peanut butter cups in any form; I just bought the minis and the egg shaped ones today from Target.
10. Scrubbing Bubbles; I had tried cleaning naturally and it didn't work at all in the bathroom so now SB does all the work for me.
1. In front of the fire place with my feet up.
2. That Wells Fargo Christmas commercial
3. A spoonful of sugar
4. swimming
5. red cross
6. cherry blossoms
7. Knit Picks
8. infinity scarf
9. dark chocolate
10. bleach (only thing that really works)
Soooo jealous of your snow drops. I need to get some for the garden!
elns said…
*space to knit in: My chair in the living room, and I put my feet on the back of the sofa, I know, I know.
*a favorite commercial running now: Oh that Geico commercial where the Mom calls the spy and she's like, "It's so loud where you are, are you taking a zumba class?" -- cause you know us Mom, always want a chat at the WORST possible moments.
*A favorite Disney song: I want to be where the people are... Little Mermaid.
*A favorite Summer Olympic event: Water things. The Individual Medley, Synchro swim. swoon!
*A favorite Charity: I'm a fan of the Worker's Children Fund (I think they renamed themselves) but basically it's the Foster Kid Charity run by current and former Social Workers here at the Agency and because they do pro bono work, a majority of the money goes directly to the things the kids need.
*A favorite first sign of spring: plum blossoms.
*A favorite thing to get in the mail: hello mail from my mom and yarn of course!
*A favorite accessory: Earrings. Lately I've been back in touch with my teenage years and am wearing some not quite JLO hoop earrings, random sure. Oh and My fitbit!
*A favorite candy: sour gummy coke bottles.
*A favorite cleaning supply!: Murphy's Oil.
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