Monday, January 04, 2016

Week #1 Kathy B's Monday Meme (Knit Habits)

 (A flock of cardinals in my yard this morning. )

 (I finished my Comfy Cable Cowl by Yuki Sagara in Misti Alpaca cotton silk)   

It's Monday Meme Day.
In which I ask the questions.
You can answer or plead the 5th. 
No pressure!~ 

1. Do you have a bad habit?

I do. I can rip a hole in my fingers chewing a cuticle. 
I know it is disgusting. It hurts like crazy afterwards.
This must fill some innate need I have to chew. 

2. Do you have to hide your knitting from your pets?

I do. Fezzik took off with Al's nearly finished,  year long baby blanket project and he nearly lost his tail! 
She let him hear it in no uncertain terms.
I just hide my wool. 

3. Do you Cheat when you cable?
I do. IF it looks like it is time to cross the stitches then I do it.
I'm too darn lazy to count. 
Close enough. 
That could be this blogs

4. Do you not really listen to your family when you are knitting intensely? or blogging? or buying yarn on line?

Guilty as charged.  But, I just say,
I wasn't listening to you.  I ask them to repeat. 
I don't pretend I was listening.  

5. Do you fall for Knit kits?
Honestly, I never ever have.
Probably because I'm too cheap.

Happy Monday Meme!


Linda said...

I love cardinals!!

1. Bad Habit...still thinking on this one!

2. I never had to hide my knitting from my other two cats - but this one I have now - definitely yes!!

3. Cheat at cables? I only cable to the front. If it says do it to the back - I do it to the front. If it says cable front AND back - well, that pattern does not get made by me!

4. I pretend to listen when my husband talks to me while knitting - nodding my head and saying uh huh uh huh - while I stay in the knitting/counting zone!

5. No, I do not buy kits - way too pricey for me!!

Linda in VA

Tired Teacher said...

1. Bad habit - getting too involved in projects.
2. No pets here so no need to hide it. I did however have to zip my knitting bag closed whenever I was around my nephew's dog. She LOVED my wool too much and wanted to play fetch with the balls.
3. I avoid knitting cables. I can knit them - I just don't like the look of them.
4. I never listen when I'm counting stitches, and my sister has learned never to tempt to talk to me when I'm counting.
5. I don't buy knit kits.

Teresa Kasner said...

1. Bad habit - food?
2. My dog does not bother my crochet or knit projects.. neither did my cat when alive although I was constantly picking her long hair out of my work.. don't miss that!
3. I tried cabling.. once.. :-)
4. I don't listen a lot.. while reading, while watching tv, while crocheting/knitting... :-)
5. I did buy a kit to knit a doll from Susan at Mary Jane's Tea Room.. but haven't started it yet.

Katherine said...

1. My worst habit is, and always has been, multiple projects. I never catch up!

2. I have to hide my knitting from Max. He doesn't unravel or chew up, he just drags the yarn around the room and somehow ties it to furniture and his toys.

3. I haven't done many project with cables lately, but when I do I stick with the pattern and count faithfully. It's a drag, which is why I don't do cables often.

4. I listen! Of course I do! Hahahaha....

5. Never bought a knit kit. I don't know why, but the idea holds no interest for me. I guess it's because I have to touch and choose the yarn for each project.

Interesting post Kathy!

Stefanie said...

LOL. Loved #4.
1. Bad habit? Swearing.
2. Mama says NO to the wants of pets by the crew. So don't have to worry about an animal jackin' up my yarn.
3. Most patterns are kept track of via the Bee Count app so when I was cabling A Purple Scootering Streak, this chica was on top of that.
4. I sometimes give the child or husband a "look" when I'm engrossed in knitting. When I'm counting stitches, I typically count louder.
5. Never bought a knit kit b/c like you, yeah, I'm too damn cheap. I'd rather choose my own yarn.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh...Misty Alpaca. I bet that feels WONDERFUL! Such a pretty color too.

Meme will be answered later this evening on my blog, but I'll tell you one hint. If I posted all my bad habits your would be reading that post long into NEXT MONTH!

Betsy said...

1. I eat way too much!
2. Never hide my knits from Chloe. She never bothers it.
3. I count. I'm compulsive like that. :-)
4. I usually listen. Sometimes if I'm reading I miss something thou.
5. I don't think I've ever bought a kit either. I'm also too cheap.

That was fun!

KSD said...

The cowl is ravishing!! And I'm going to answer your meme on my blog tomorrow. Thanks for thinking it up.

elns said...

Happy New Year Kathy. I will answer because you are you and because it's fun :)
1. I have many bad habits. I'm struggling to pick one. But I'll give you a gross honest one since we are being friends. I nervously scratch or pick the back of my neck when I'm well .. nervous. ha!
2. I don't have a pet if we are not counting The Husband and The Kid. However I have to hide my knitting from my butt. I have sat on more US 2 and US 1.5 needles and broken them than I care to admit to. Yeah, a lot. It's like I bought stock!
3. I'm not sure how to cheat when you cable, so I think that means I don't. I don't mind cabling, though it does take some focus for me.
4. I usually do listen to them unless ... I'm counting or there is some complex area of pattern, but like you, I fess up to it, and ask them to repeat or that I didn't hear them. I will readily admit to barking rather crustily, "I'M COUNTING!!"
5. I have fallen for knit kits. Once or twice. I have repurposed the yarn. I doubt I'll be doing that again anytime soon!

Delighted Hands said...

Beautiful to see the cardinals against the snow. Here they flock in the East Palatka Holly tree!
I don't hide yarn-I just pick up after the cat attacks; I listen mostly to my husbnd while knitting; he talks a LOT so even when not knitting , I am at 80% attention span.
I have fallen for kits and been disappointed every time so far. I like my own ideas at this age and stage of knitting! lol

Araignee said...

1. I am a rabid gum chewer. I sound like a cow. Everyone hates it and makes me spit it out but when I am alone I chew like a fiend. I scare strangers.
2. Everyday last week I had to clean up a yarn mess and/or wash knitted items the boogers ravaged in the night. You'd think I'd learn.
3. I do cheat cables. It makes my head hurt trying to keep track. I hate keeping track of my knitting. I just want to knit.
4. I never listen to anyone ever anyway. It drives The Mister crazy. I live in my own world most of the time and I'm very happy there.
5. I own almost every knit kit Knit Picks has put out and was thinking about buying another one with my Christmas gift certificates. How many have I even taken out of the bag? One so far. It was a cotton market bag. I even bought three baby sweater kits before I even had grandkids. They are all for girls and I have two grandsons. Go figure.

Tahnee said...

1. Do you have a bad habit?
Probably loads, can't even really pick one.

2. Do you have to hide your knitting from your pets?
I tend to do hide it, although they've never really done anything bad with it. But I don't trust the cat at all, she's a chewer of things (not a good combination with knitting)

3. Do you Cheat when you cable?
Usually yes, it's just much simpler isn't it?

4. Do you not really listen to your family when you are knitting intensely? or blogging? or buying yarn on line?
Very guilty of this one.. I got so good at pretending to listen that I don't think they notice though..

5. Do you fall for Knit kits?
Never done that, I always think I can find a cheaper way.

Alyssa said...

I definitely, definitely fall for knit kits, but only when they're on sale. At full price, I can easily resist... but at a sale price, like when the Knitpicks kits go on sale... no contest! Where else will you get a box of yarn for $20!?

Vera said...

Love your cardinals!

1. Food, chewing cuticles, food, I am do not tolerate fools/stupidity (especially at work) very well.
2. Yes, Tyg (the cat) is fond of yarn, thread, etc. I think he would like to learn to knit perhaps?
3. Haven't really cabled in years, but no, don't cheat.
4. Definitely do NOT listen. It's a problem.
5. No kits...though once I purchased a bundle of yarn that was put together for a shawl pattern that was in a calendar. Years ago. Still wear that thing to death especially this time of year in the house. And, I must say it looks lovely with sweat pants and a sweat shirt - lol.

Judy S. said...

Sure wish we even had one cardinal!

Amy at love made my home said...

When I crochet I don't really listen to anyone! xx

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