Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday Meme #3 I Have to Hand it to YOU

Today's Monday Meme for January 18th, 
concerns our hands. 
As Knitters and Crocheters we use our hands and our hands create marvelous things.  Answer any or all!  Enjoy
Fingerless or Mittens or Gloves?
12 pairs of mittens in 2015. 
My preference is Fingerless. 
I tried to make gloves once, but the individual finger making did me in. 
A favorite hand lotion:
Gloves in a Bottle 
When is the last time you wore rubber gloves?
During Surgery at Spay Neuter
Do you put on makeup with tools or your fingers?
My fingers.
Bar soap or liquid or foam?
I find foam softer on my skin.
I prefer a good bar soap for the bathroom sink.
It absolutely must not soften and get slimy on the sink.
Where do you keep hand sanitizer?
I keep it in the car. 
Someone whose hand you wish you could hold again?
That's easy: Huck's paw

 Favorite pattern for the hands: 
Camp Out Fingerless Mitts
by tante ehm
 Even though I haven't knit them yet. 


Betsy said...

#1 Fingerless or Mittens or Gloves? Around 175 pair of mittens in 2015 with a few fingerless gloves thrown in for good measure.

#2 A favorite hand lotion: Gold Bond softening with Shea Butter

#3 When is the last time you wore rubber gloves? Yesterday to glean the fireplace glass

#4 Do you put on makeup with tools or your fingers? No makeup

#5. Bar soap or liquid or foam? Liquid

#6. Where do you keep hand sanitizer? Everywhere!

#7. Someone whose hand you wish you could hold again? My Mom's.

#8. Favorite pattern for the hands: Leisure Arts brochure


Vera said...

1. I've only ever made fingerless gloves - easy peasy.
2. I have so many little bottles everywhere...from traveling for work I pick them up at hotels. I love them all.
3. Saturday when I was scrubbing the bathrooms...probably later today to scrub the kitchen floor.
4. Fingers for moisturizer, tools for other make-up.
5. Foam at the kitchen sink and bathroom sinks (bars in the bathrooms too) and a good, scented bar in the shower.
6. Don't like hand sanitizer...makes my hands feel awful!!
7. My Mom & my Dad and Maestro's paw (cat).
8. No favorite pattern.

Cold here in PA -- stay warm!!

Stefanie said...

1. Fingerless mittens
2. Any good, nonscented one that keeps my hands moisturized well since I wash my hands a lot.
3. Never
4. Tools except putting on eye cream and moisturizer on my face
5. Foam, especially the Target Method one b/c my uncle told me long ago that it is gentler than Soft Soap which dries out my skin
6. Car and purse
7. My Yeah Yeah, Auntie G, or my Aunty J
8. I haven't really been into fingerless mitts for myself personally. Susie's Reading Mitts are popular and knit up nicely as I had made those for my Oahu aunty one year. I did knit the Honeycomb Mitts for myself one time as well. They're neglected.

Tired Teacher said...

To knit - fingerless mitts. To wear - gloves or fingerless mitts. Mittens are just too cumbersome to wear.
I don't like hand lotion , but I do like BioOil for hydrating dry skin.
I don't even own a pair of rubber gloves. I wore vinyl gloves when dyeing silk scarves, does that count.
Fingers for facial cream and ointment.
Bar soap
Sanitizer in the car and by the sinks

Araignee said...

1. Hmmm....I think I wear fingerless more but I do love mittens when it's cold.
2. I never use any. Never seem to need it.
3. This morning making soap.
4. No makeup except when performing then it's fingers.
5. Bar
6. By the sink and in my purse.
7.'s Paw...Dear Departed Doggie...sigh
8. My Lopi mitten pattern.. I need a new pair now. Align Mitts for fingerless

Teresa Kasner said...

I have only knitted 3 or 4 pairs of mittens and that was long ago. No makeup now. Shower Gel - Avon - Skin-So-Soft. Almost never use sanitizer or lotion. My mom's hand. :-)

Amy at love made my home said...

Some very handy questions!! xx

Delighted Hands said...

Fun to read-I love mitts and fingerless
My own green tea/coconut oil moisturizer
Working with tiles/grout
fingers and tools
Own patterns!

elns said...

1. Fingerless Mitts to knit and wear.
2. I have hand lotion everywhere. Favorites: J.R. Watkins, Fresh, Nivea and L'occitane
3. Last time I dyed my hair at home. TMI?
4. I don't really wear makeup, and then it's like lipstick? has it's own tool? Oh wait, last time I put on eye shadow I used a q-tip. but I don't use foundation just moisturizer usually.
5. Foam, bodywash, bar, it all gets used.
6. My desk and my purse. I also use it from the dispenser at work when I come out of the office, because the office ... shudder.
7. My grandmothers.
8. Hayes Valley Handwarmers

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