Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Years Eve Meme 2015

Are you finishing a project before the New Year ?

I may be finishing this comfy cable cowl tonight but there's no rush.   Oh Cotton I love thee.

Did you donate your time/knits to charity in 2015?
I know so many of you did.   I donated mittens.
I also cleansed the pile of hats and scarves that we just don't need and sent them to charity drives in town. 
Did you meet up with any bloggers?
 I did! 
Donna and Judy to name a few.

Did you take a  yarn class?
I did not. 
Not for lack of trying!
My correct your mistakes class was cancelled due to lack of interest...
What? Am I the only one who makes mistakes?

Did you Knit in a doctor's waiting room in 2015?
I did! 
When Zach broke his clavicle. 


Did you buy more yarn, needles or patterns in 2015?


and Finally,
Did  you go to Ravelry often?
For groups?
for Patterns?
for your own project pages? 

Happy New Years Eve!
I think I'll have a Meme Monday in 2016?
would you like that?

And I'll post a mini video once a week?


Anonymous said...

Let's see ---

1. Not finishing a project today, but I will begin a new one tomorrow and it will be a BIG one.

2. No knit donations this year, but plenty of other clothing and household items went to Goodwill. 2015 was my year to reduce, reuse, recycle!

3. I met up with Lynn from Minding My Own Stitches and soon will be meeting up with Judy and then Dani from TKD- Black Belt Stitching Wizard.

4. No yarn classes ---- plenty of knitting in doctor's offices. It's a regular thing in my life. Lots of dr. visits. :-(

5. Yes to yarn and pattern buying. I don't think I bought any needles this year, but I need a new set of 1-1/2s. I dropped one on concrete and it boogered up the tip.

6. As for Ravelry ---- it has it's place. I do read a few forums, but I much prefer to take time to read my blog buddies' blogs.

Happy New Year Kathy, Troy and all the kids (regular and furred)!

Araignee said...

This was one of those years I didn't get much of anything done. Daddio's big nursing home adventure and the sale of his house fixed that but good. When I did my 2015 review post I was appalled at how little I accomplished. No complaints. You gotta do what you gotta do. I'm just hoping 2016 is calmer.
Best wishes for the New Year!

Teresa Kasner said...

Aren't you full of questions! LOL! I finished a pair of baby booties!

I made 10 hats for the poor babies of Brazil and donated yarn to Betsy for hats for poor kids in WA.

I met up with fellow bloggers, Betsy, Gracie, Becky and Kathy.

No yarn classes but I did crochet in DRs waiting rooms.

I visit Ravelry almost every day.

  *H*A*P*P*Y* *N*E*W* *Y*E*A*R*!*

Amy at love made my home said...

Happy New Year! Here's to a good 2016! xx

Betsy said...

1. Finishing another pair or two of mittens today.
2. Over 75 pair of mittens made, around 200 baby hats, 15 afghans for the VA home, blankets, mittens and hats for a local children's shelter, hygiene kits for Pine Ridge reservations and Appalachia to name a few donations.
3. Met Teresa, Taci, Gracie and Becky in Portland, OR.
4. No yarn classes but lots of Doctor ps office knitting and crocheting.
5.lots of yarn buying.
6. Visit Ravelry daily.

Happy New Year!

Mereknits said...

I am not finishing anything tonight that is for sure. I went to Ravelry way too often, I did buy yarn and needles but used about 12,000 yards of stash. I donated a TON of yarn and did not take a class but I would love to.

Happy New Year,

Donna Boucher said...

Happy New Year! Time spent with you was a definite highlight! 😚

Jill said...

Hello and Happy New Year. I've been reading your blog for several months now and really enjoy it. Can you please let me know what yarn brand and colorway you are using in this post's picture? Thanks much, Jill

kathy b said...

HI Jill

Thanks for reading. Hope you comment again! Do you have a blog?
THe yarn Is Misti Alpaca Cotton, (discontinued but still available at some online stores)
the colorway is CSP 20

Tired Teacher said...

1. I'll work on a shawl tonight, but certainly will not finish it.
2. I donated knit baby hats, vests, sweaters, and socks to charities in 2015.
3. Judy and her husband joined me for lunch on their way through my town.
4. No class this year involved yarn
5. I knit everywhere, and yes, even in doctor's offices
6. Hmmm, yes to all three items
7. I go to Ravelry occasionally, usually to find patterns
8. Your blog plans for 2016 sound great!

Stefanie said...

I thought I didn't do my annual charity knit but I just realized after reading your question that I did - duh! The pair of striped socks. Whew! I felt so guilty. I do try to donate a few dollars here and there to those boxes at the grocery stores and I make sure I tip well. But I'm glad I do acts of fiber kindness every year.
I only bought yarn during my birthday month. I do use Ravelry a lot to log in 411 on projects or search for a free pattern. I'll be interested to see what you Monday meme is and yeah, I'd love to see a video. It's so interesting to hear a blogger friend's voice.

Caffeine Girl said...

Here we go:

1. I did not finish anything at the end of the year.
2. I knit a bunch of kids mittens for charity.
3. :( Met up with no blog friends this year.
4. Took two classes in brioche knitting and I still can't do it!
5. I knit everywhere.
6. More of all three than I want to admit!
7.I am constantly checking out things on Ravelry.
8. Your 2016 blog plans sound ambitious!

Jill said...

Thanks for replying and giving me the low down on your lovely yarn. Sorry,I do not have a blog. Thanks again for sharing what you do on yours.

Delighted Hands said...

1 I didn't finish last minute stuff...
2 I knit preemie hats for the hospital near me and quilts for the kids.
3 Yes, met several times with a blog friend! :')
4 Learned how to do the traveling stitch successfully!
5 I knit everywhere-home and away; it's always in my purse or lap!
6 Ravelry is for pattern searches mostly, inspiration second and occasionally what others are up to!
7 Buying yarn and patterns is a pretty regular event! (I don't golf or shop for clothes much-knitting is my retail therapy!)

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