It's 2 to Nothing

 What fun I had today meeting Judy again, and her daughter. 
Judy, you know, of Stitch Along With me, is a fantastic knitter.
Fireman and I met Judy and Dick 2 years ago when they came to town. 
Today we caught up and as we parted, Dear Pretend Friend Judy hugged me and said 
"It's two to nothing now and you have to come to Washington!" 
We will Judy !!!

Judy showed me her WIPs. Her shawl in maroon, gray and pink is going to be stunning. We talked about the troubles we have with dropped garter stitches.
Judy is very much more accomplished a knitter than I . 
She is knitting a sweater with the name PACIFIC that will be so lovely . 
I saw her UNDINE socks.  Really cute.
 Finally she showed me her Hermione's Sock.
I love that pattern. Exclamation points times three!
She told me how it is a four row repeat, and I'm going to try it on my very next hat. 
Judy picks her stitches.  I tend to throw. 

She gifted me a lovely skein of sock yarn and her Church's Choir cd.  What a lovely gift. I love church music. 

I've said it before, and I'll say it again,
When Pretend Friends meet, its Magical!


Tired Teacher said…
Yes, it is Magical when Pretend Friends meet. I've had the privilege several times - always fun.
Teresa Kasner said…
Rather than pretend.. we're "virtual" friends until we meet, then we're "real life" friends. LOL! I love all the friends I've met from my blog.. not yet face to face and the ones I've gotten to hug. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)
Araignee said…
Hermoine is a great pattern. So easy!
WildflowerWool said…
It's so fun to meet in person! I have a pair of Undine socks waiting to be cast on.
karen said…
pretend friends are the best! I have met lots of virtual friends in real life and I love how it seems like we've known each other forever :)
Caffeine Girl said…
I like Theresa's term of "virtual" friends because there is nothing "pretend" about these friendships!
You and Judy look like you had a great time. It does sound like you have an excuse to hop out to the Northwest.
I've knit a couple of pairs of Hermione Socks, and it is a great pattern. Unisex, too!
Judy S. said…
OK, now I have seen it in writing. Just make sure you come to the right Washington!
Anonymous said…
I'm hoping to catch up with Dick and Judy in February!

I'm getting to meet two other bloggers too in the near future. I'm going to have to make sure I get PICTURES. WE forgot last year.
elns said…
I love that you two have hung out twice now. Judy and I have the same taste in sock patterns. hehe. I hope you do get out to Washington to visit them sooner than later, but I'm still so happy you all had another meeting regardless. :)
Mereknits said…
I love Judy and I love you so I am very jealous you two got together again. She is indeed a fabulous knitter, but do not sell yourself short you are gaining all the time. And frankly I have been knitting for 29 years and I still have trouble picking up a dropped stitch in garter stitch.

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