Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Wednesday Rant…...

 I dug out my old summer hand knit purse. 
It is now a project bag.  
It morphed by itself. 
Truth is, it has no structure but I still love it. 

 Al will be going to Old Dominion in a month to begin her 
Family Practice NP education.  I am delighted for her. 
Bedside nursing is brutally difficult. Having been at the bedside since 1980, I have seen many changes and it takes its toll.

Currently we have no coffee pot in the lounge as it broke, and our microwave is broken as well. 
If anyone with any brains in upper management would see to it to fix these two issues it would go a very long way for the 100 people who work in our unit.  

I'm sure getting a new pot and microwave involves the hospital engineering department and purchasing department. And 
I'm sure it will take more than a month.  You can't bring one in from home because it is declared unsafe until purchasing announces it otherwise. 
You don't run a unit without a coffee pot. 
Take into consideration it's July and the new residents have started and well,
you can see the problem is not a small one.  I feel the answer is to order two coffee pots so that in the event the new one breaks, a likely event we'll have another at the ready. 
Oops, off my soap  box.  

On a much happier note, another post is up. 
Sidewalk sale is Friday and Saturday and it is going to be great. 
I'll be there to take pictures and ….
shop the yarns.  Mention the blog, we'll be raffling this lantern moon bag off soon. 


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Cute purse! And I hope your coffee is restored soon!

Nancy said...

Way to go, Al! Her ER experience will serve her well in her studies.

Coffee is the life blood of any institution - get it fixed people! I say you go in mass to purchasing and take their pot hostage. ;o)

Katherine said...

Maybe you could take in a couple French press coffee makers. No electricity required and the best coffee ever! Some are so small you could carry it in your bag. No coffee? What are they thinking?

elns said...

I am very familiar with the curse of checks and balances also known as bureaucracy.

Personally I think your PO for 2 coffee pots is brilliant. It might just work. I don't think you'll get the approval for 2 microwaves unfortunately.

If it makes you feel any better, there is no resource set aside for coffee or even a water cooler here. We all must pitch in to participate. That's okay.

Unknown said...

No coffee pot and no microwave? What are they thinking??? I hope that gets resolved soon!

Cute purse/project bag; I bet it's fun to use.

Anonymous said...

Old Dominion is a great school. My nephews and nieces went there. :-)

Hope you get a coffee pot soon.

Judy S. said...

No one should have to exist without a coffee pot; I think Nancy had a great idea. Good luck with the request for two! Oh, and congrats to Al!

Araignee said...

At the school where I taught they came in one day and took all our mini fridges, microwaves and other electric food doo dads after declaring they were causing an insect issue. NOT. That's when I knew it was time to retire. Eating a lunch that comes out of a warm, soggy bag is no way to get through the day. Especially when the principal still had her mini fridge and microwave!

Teresa Kasner said...

I'd love to see your bag all stuffed full of yarn. I would have Starbucks deliver and give the bill to mgmt. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

SissySees said...

I hope your management get it right and soon. I love that I work for a place where my smoothie machine is in the lower cabinet, my Keurig arrived at the new place before I did, and the Knight was "allowed" to install a carbon filter to make the icky city water drinkable for his pampered wife.

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