Sunday, July 20, 2014

Up with the Birds ….For the Birds?

These images were, actually, taken at sunset last night.   It felt, through my lens, like magical light was in the air.  A few mosquitoes were there, too.

 I am not a morning person.  Not at all.  The alarm went off at 0500 and I didn't even hear it.  I awoke to fireman shaking me….
"What are we doing?"  I asked.  I had no idea the date, the time, the plan.  

"We are taking Zach to the international terminal at Ohare", he said. 

Oh yeah.  By 0630 we were having breakfast at Egg Harbor Cafe. We were there and there was one other couple.  Our server was chipper and the food was good. 

By 0800 I was on my walk.  7,000 steps later and I here I am posting.  All I can think is, "Is it nap time yet?"  

I will finish my Como shell today. I hope to finish by nap time.  Are you a morning person? I can see the lure of it.  It sure is quiet. It is fresh and dewy.  It is just so hard to take those first steps….and say goodbye to my bed for the day….

I have to share this baby sweater image from the knit shop. 
I can only say that this must have been machine knit.  Who has stitches this even?  Not me, that's certain.  
 It is  darling little sweater; I'll say that much.


KSD said...

No, no, no. Not a morning person at all. I only got up crazy soon this morning to watch golf. There's a nap in my future, too.

Unknown said...

For taking pictures, I really like the late afternoon sun. The colors are rich...and yes, you caught something magical.

We've been getting a lot of smoke filling our skies from the fires in Washington state. A TV weatherman said that smoke from these fires has been as far east as Chicago!

I used to be more of a morning person; now I'm a bit more of a night owl.

I'm anxious to see pictures of the Como shell...

Caffeine Girl said...

Those are beautiful photos. The light is magical.

I am a morning person. We get up around 5:15. It is so quiet. It's my favorite time to do anything creative. In the summer, it is also nice and cool!

Mereknits said...

I am not a morning person, afternoon or evening. I frankly don't function well ever.
Where did Zach go?

Nancy said...

When I was still working I was definitely a morning person - up at 5:30 everyday. Now, that I'm retired, I am a night owl - up at 7:00 nearly every day.

Love the little sweater and the yarn used to knit it.

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely NOT a morning person. Probably that is because I don't sleep well and usually fall asleep either very late at night, but reality early in the morning --- sometimes as "late" as 5 or 6 AM. So, I'm usually up by 9, but not chipper or happy about it.

Would LOVE to get my internal clock switched around. Mornings are more relaxed and I love seeing the sun come up ---- just not as I'm heading off to bed. LOL

Araignee said...

I am a morning person. I am useless after about 4 in the afternoon even after a nap.
I love that sweater and I know what you mean about even stitches. Blocking helps but even so, I never get mine to look anything like that.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Beautiful pictures!

SissySees said...

I used to be a morning person, but then I married a night owl and have altered my internal clock so that we have waking moments together in the evening, and now, that too-chipper-first-thing gal is ancient history.

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