This Blog has gone to the DOgs

  1. This very large hearted man attended our Shelter's fundraising walk today in the rain.  

2. His 4 year old and 8 year old Irish Wolfhounds were gathering lots of attention from the small loyal crowd of rain walkers. 
Just look at his grip and his leads….too much dog for me. 

3. Almost everyone got very wet.  Almost everyone was in good spirits anyhow. 

4.I went to the psychic when I was there. 

She was spot on. 
She talked to me about Huck and many other things. 
I learned Huck does not want me to get another golden retriever!  He wants to be my only golden boy.  He is with a trainer learning new skills.  (HUCK loved school and training.  He knew so many tricks.  He was a therapy dog and a agility titled dog.  He had obedience ribbons too) THe Psychic new none of this about Hucks life on earth, we had never met. 

Huck's okay with me getting a small, intelligent calm dog someday and he'll help me find one if  I want ….

He was showing her his collar and wants me to keep it always….

It was so good and fun.  Have you ever had a reading? 
I love the Long Island Medium. 

Fireman laughed and said, well, the only dog i'd get is another golden, so no dogs!  
He was kinda smug about that……


SissySees said…
No psychic readings here, but I talk to Mugsy and Fred all of the time.
Nancy said…
No, I've never had a reading.

Yikes, that man has a death grip on those leads! The dogs must be very powerful.
Araignee said… nice to know Huck is happy. I swear my dear old doggie was reincarnated into the new pup!
Anonymous said…
No psychic readings for me either.

The little doggie in the tote is SO adorable. I think you should get one of those. He looks pretty smart, don't you think????

We have a friend with wolf hounds. That is A LOT OF DOG! LOL
Unknown said…
Looks like a fun event, despite the rain.

The wolf hounds are huge...way too much dog for me.
Caffeine Girl said…
Never had a reading. Yours is oddly insightful to someone who doesn't generally believe in those things!

Love the wolfhounds.
Anonymous said…
Sweet dogs.

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