Sunday, July 06, 2014

Sittin and Knitting

It seems to be the summer of the Poke Cakes.  I am enjoying mixing up puddings and cakes to my liking.  This is my version of a watermelon cake.
Strawberry cake mix, pistachio pudding pokes, and cool whip. 
They are easy and I guarantee you they are moist and they stay that way.  Poke cake; the answer to DRY desserts.  

I've also made the Boston Creme Pie Poke cake.
It is not my creation, but you use yellow cake mix, vanilla pudding pokes and milk chocolate frosting. 
The coolest thing about this cake : you microwave a can of frosting and pour it over the cake to frost.  

 Here at Tour De France Central,
Fireman is rooting for an Italian man
Francesco Nobili.
I simply know that it SUMMER, the middle of Summer 
when the Tour begins.  
Kim surprised me yesterday.  When I took in the mail there was a package for me. 
The Book,  Diagnosing Giants interested me and she passed it along when she finished it.  I read it in one sitting. 
She also sent two adorable stickers along. 
The bird yarn sticker, above, is now on  my laptop computer. 
Kim really made my day. 
(handeyecrafts is her blog) 
Obviously, she participated in my single strand of yarn contest earlier in the year…..

I was a bit cranky until the mail arrived. 
 Trying to get all my steps in is making me a bit crabby.
I just woke up and I have to start all over again. 
Crazy, this workout stuff, it is crazy. 
Thanks again Kim.  

I've strayed from Trap for a bit. 
I'm making up my own shawl pattern. 
I had 9 skeins of Chesapeake yarn from a spring sale at Three bags full.  So far,  it is easy and fun. 

If you were here I'd offer you a piece of poke cake,
and we'd sit on the porch and knit for a bit. 
Any takers?


Anonymous said...

I'd bet there in a flash ....don't even need cake. Porch knitting is enough of an enticement.

Mereknits said...

If I was there I would take a piece and I would sit with you and knit.

Katherine said...

I would love to share poke cake with you and knit on your porch--any day!! The shawls we are knitting are very much alike. Great minds and all that!

steph said...

We can pretend....I'll sit and knit on my porch and think about you and your knitting---and you can return the favor!!! All I have to offer, though, is lemonade and an ice cream cone!!!!

Unknown said...

Poke cake? I've never heard of it...but it looks so moist and delicious! I'd be on your porch with my knitting in hand in a minute!

Teresa Kasner said...

Your poke cake looks amazing! Your knitting also looks fabulous! I'm just working on a crochet neat ripple pillow cover. Easy project. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Erin @ Wild Whispers said...

Yum! If I weren't eating mostly gluten free, I'd be all over that goodness!

Araignee said...

I need cake. I've been wanting some for days now. I would even settle for pie. I can't have any though because it is the Tour de Fleece and I am chained to my spinning wheel instead of getting my steps in but I will have a cake when they ride into Paris in 19 days. That Boston cake sounds like heave.
I like the new Italian dude too. Now that Mark Cavendish is out :( I need someone else to cheer for.

Nancy said...

I haven't had cake in ages, so I would gladly take you up in the offer if I was there. Moist cakes ARE the best!

Judy S. said...

Haven't heard of poke cake. Years ago we poked holes in cake and poured jello over it before frosting with dreamwhip. I'd be more than happy to sit on your porch and knit, that's for sure! Or you could come here?

SissySees said...

I just finished a big bowl of local peaches and cream, so ... might I have something to drink while we knit and chat on your porch?

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