Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lake Michigan Waves

 It was a lonely day for a lifeguard at Lake Michigan.
 Riptide warnings and 6-10 foot waves meant only two kite boarders were in the water. 
These two knew what they were doing. 
They just flew across the waves. 
 Many people who have never seen the Great Lakes, think, according to AL, that our Lake Michigan is just a pond.
It is more like a little ocean. 
It can kill you very quickly. 
 But it also harnesses a power and beauty that are unparalleled in the Midwest.  
We got engaged at the Lake. 
Huck loved to swim in Lake Michigan.
I regret not taking him even more. 
He loved the waves and came to a whistle when the noise was so loud our voices didn't carry.  

I talked to Huck last night at the beach. 

On the way home Fireman got a Starbucks milkshake thing with chocolate chips and I had a sip.

Our beach walk got me to my walking step goal yesterday.

Back home, I took out  "my" Trap scarf and knit mindlessly.

Do you love a beach?  A body of water?


Mereknits said...

I adore a beach and there is indeed something special about the great lakes, growing up in Michigan I was lucky enough to experience them many times. on all sides of the state.
Hugs and thank you for the beautiful photos,

Kim in Oregon said...

I love the beach. We have a small plot of land on the Oregon coast that we hope to build on soon!

Unknown said...

I like your beach pictures! The waves look rough and powerful...wouldn't want to be out in them. I remember the first time I saw Lake Michigan... and yes, it looked like an ocean to me!! One can see across all our lakes in WY. I love that in the middle of the country you can take a walk (and get in those steps!) on a beach!!

Katherine said...

Lake is a very misleading title for this one! Our Masters' swim team did a 3 mile swim in Lake Michigan most summers. Cold as it was, I miss that! Thanks for the wonderful pictures.

Nancy said...

I remember the first time I saw Lake Michigan - it really is massive.

I love being around water but not ON it. I'm sure it's because I don't swim. I've taken lessons, but didn't finish them. I'd rather admire water from afar.

Judy S. said...

Great photos, Kathy. Lake Michigan is definitely not a pond and can conjure up some really scary, huge waves.
What did you do to your blog? It's so much easier to post now! Looks great, too!

kathy b said...


IM delighted that posting comments is somehow easier in this format. I just changed it up a bit to a DYNAMIC view. :)

knitterbeader said...

Love your pictures of Lake Michigan. I had no idea it looked so much like the ocean. I grew up on the west coast (both in Oregon and Washington) and spent lots of time at the beach. I miss it now in Arizona - can only dream of putting my feet in the cold water on a day like today (115 degrees - 10% humidity).

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Lovely pictures. I live on Lake Ontario, and only 40 minutes from Lake Erie. I've grown up on the water it seems - and you're right, people really underestimate them. Dave has a cottage on Long Point on Lake Erie and a 16 year old boy drowned just a few weeks ago - wind was up and so was the undertoe. There's at least one every year and it's so sad.
Despite growing up on the water, I can't swim very well, so I am very, very cautious - but I love the beach!

Teresa Kasner said...

Love your beach photos.. I also love the beach.. we have the Pacific Ocean and it's cool to think on the other side is Japan! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Anonymous said...

I did not realize that Lake Michigan had WAVES! Yes, it looks just like our ocean.

I like many beaches ---- some I like for their solitude. But, sometimes I want to hit Daytona for the crowds. It's great for people watching.

Other times ...I long for the mountains.

Vera said...

Such beautiful pictures Kathy - thank you. I love the beach for walking (and shell seeking), not swimming. Love mountain lakes too...and cool streams in the mountains where you can soak your feet after hiking. We drove around Lake Superior at the beginning of May. That body of water is huge too (and was mostly still frozen when we were there).

Patt said...

I grew up in Skokie. We used to go down to Evanston and sit on the beach.
We live in Georgia now and have to drive 5 hours down to Jeykll Island on the coast. But I love it. I am a beach person for sure.

kathy b said...


I WANT TO soak my feet in a mountain stream….Im seeing the podiatrist next week..maybe h'ell suggest a trip!!! sounds amazing

KSD said...

The beach is my absolute haven. It's where I try to send myself (mentally) when being "here" overwhelms me.

SissySees said...

Oh, I love "our" Outer Banks like no other beach. I'm a little "homesick" for it at the moment, frankly. The dogs and I log many miles when we're there, and I'm eager to run on the beach again. It's one heck of a workout.

Gracie Saylor said...

While I am enamored with oceans and beaches, the few times I have been near one of the Great Lakes have prompted me to think that if I could not live by an ocean, a Great Lake would be my next choice :) Thanks for the great photos, Kathy B :) .......the seagulls and kites especially wowed me!

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